SummerSlam 2015 Predictions


WWE has gone all in this year with SummerSlam from the WrestleMania style host and three days in the city with events, to the booking of a champion Vs champion match and a celebrity guest. But those years card has some hard matches to call, aswell as some really interesting matches throughout. So with 24hours to go here are my picks for each match.

The lineup for this weekends card is as follows:
Dolph Ziggler Vs Rusev
Randy Orton Vs Sheamus
Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens
Neville & Stephem Amell Vs King Barrett & Stardust
Team PCB Vs Bad Vs The Bellas
WWE Tag Team Championships: The New Day Vs Los Matodoras Vs Lucha Dragons Vs Prime Time Players
Wyatt Family Vs Roman Reigns & Ambrose
Intercontinental Championship: Ryback Vs The Miz Vs Big Show
Title for Title: John Cena Vs Seth Rollins
Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar

This is definitely a hefty card that promises to deliver if all the matches are as good in reality as they look on paper. The double main event should be exciting and is wildly difficult to predict for a change, but here goes my best.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Rusev
This feud has had alot of build and most of it to be honest has focused around Lana and as a result hasnt helped Rusev regain any momentum from the Cena feud or helped keep Ziggler elevated up the card either. However with that being said the two men are both very good sellers and very capable within the ring so this has the potential to be a good match. Unfortunately i see Summer Rae getting involved and being negated by Lana once more to distract Rusev and allow Ziggler to gain the win- because the WWE seem hell bentnon killing the ‘monster’ Rusev they spent 12months building brilliantly and this would be another nail in that coffin.
Winner: Ziggler

Randy Orton Vs Sheamus
This has been a feud that has run for months now, and we have seen this match countless times on TV in the build to this so im not expecting anything new or overly exciting from the two but it should be a heavy hitting match, and if the result goes the right way it could help to elevate Sheamus a little before his Money in the Bank cashin comes along. Sheamus hasnt clicked really since his return and Orton needs major overhaul to be truly engaging again, despite an always impressive RKO. This match should go to the Irishman to help build him as Orton loses nothing here by taking a pinfall.
Winner: Sheamus

Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens
images (1)Its nice to see Cesaro being utilised well (my thoughts on this can be seen here) and to see Owens yet again on the card as these two have huge amounts of talent to offer and should deliver an amazing match. The two men have done a great job of building this feud on television and the only way i could be more excited was if the WWE had pulled the trigger and put the US Championship on Owens at Battleground. Both men need a win here, however Owens is coming of 2PPV loses to Cena and could lose on Saturday at NXT Brooklyn where as Cesaro has a host of television wins recently and could bounce back in this feud if then heel gains the first win. The thought of this feud being ongoing is brilliant and this is a really exciting first encounter for me, however that being said the “Fight Owens Fight” mantra needs to return here for the win.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Neville & Amell Vs Barrett & Stardust
SummerSlam-2015-Predictions6It had been hinted that Amell and Stardust would face off for months, and being a big Arrow fan i was naturally excited but worried about Amells ability. Therefore im of the opinion that adding two others to this feud to limit Amells in ring work is a very good idea, however i am looking forward to seeing what he can bring. Why we have Neville and Barrett so far down the card they need to help a celebrity involvement however is bewildering but that aside this should definitely be entertaining. Add to this the fact we’ve had hints at the season4 Arrow suit being debuted and this is going to be a great celebrity match.
Winner: Amell as this is a single use appearance im sure

Wyatt Family Vs Roman Reigns & Ambrose
wwe_summerslam_2015_match_card_remake_updated_by_lstareditions-d9332ixThese guys have delivered some great physical brawls in recent weeks, and this match should be no different making it completely entertaining and a real brutal spectacle. Wyatt has been good in his hatred for Reigns and Ambrose has been as entertaining as always, but is there a turn in the works for the Lunatic Fringe? And if so will it come here for the Brooklyn crowd to go beserk about- or as the crowd would probably love Ambrose either way do the WWE hold off on it. A turn is the only way I see the Wyatts winning here and as im not certain it will occur i have to go with Roman Reigns picking up the pinfall on Harper and moving along. Its a shame that once again the talented Bray Wyatt will be losing on PPV but i see no other outcome at SummerSlam.
Winner: Reigns and Ambrose barring a heel turn

Team PCB Vs Team BAD Vs Team Bella
imagesThe addition of top NXT women has really helped to rejuvenate the womens division in the short term, and this match will either cement the changes or prove that its all just talk. So far seeing the tag matches and the singles bouts between these ladies has been fun and refreshing but with them all together will this be the time it all breaks down and goes wrong? Im not talking about the in ring work which for the most part will be good (Brie/Tamina im worried about you) but will the WWE give the win to a team that isnt the Bellas to truly cement that wrestling matters more than advertising potential. Im hoping so and that the most talented team overall manages to come out with the win, im also hoping they allow Sasha Banks to bring along the NXT title- if she retains- as its omission is odd. Either way im excited to see this match and the women in meaningful action.
Winner: Team PCB

WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day Vs Lucha Dragons Vs Prime Time Players Vs Los Matodores
summerslam-2015-tag-championship-fatal-four-wayOkay here goes, WWE has a shocking tag team division compared to NXT or ROH and the inclusion of all its teams totalling 4 (Do Ascension still count?) is proof of that fact. When you also consider one of these teams is Los Matodores who have been a total joke team for years it doesnt help, Lucha Dragons have been under utilised since they debuted on the ‘main roster’ and Prime Time Players dont seem to have really grown into great champions. However the New Day are brilliantly entertaining and the best team in the company for that reason i see them regaining the titles here, but what they move onto next i have no idea.
Winners: The New Day

Intercontinental Championship: Ryback Vs Miz Vs Big Show
WWE-SummerSlam-2015-PPV-Intercontinental-Championship-MatchThis match isnt exciting on paper and Ryback as the intercontinental champion has been totally flat and feels like the wrong call since the beginning. However the WWE seem keen on keeping him in this position and elevating him up the card, and with Big Show badly needing time off to give the universe a break from his massive over exposure this year and Miz not winning anything of importance in a while it feels like theres only one option here. Like it or not we will hear “Feed me More” at the end of this one.
Winner: Ryback

Title for Title (WWE Heavyweight & US Championship) Seth Rollins Vs John Cena
seth_rollins_vs_john_cena_at_summerslam_2015_by_wwematchcard-d92fwq9This match feels difficult to call, mainly because im used to Cena winning the big one whether it makes sense or not and in this case it really doesn’t! Rollins has more tomoffer as champion right now and has been great in the main heel roll over the last 18months, conversely Cena has been more engaging in his US title run than he has been in years. However neither of these factors mean anything when it comes to Cena and title wins, but i do feel that we will get a 16th title run for Cena i dont feel it should be now as the build hasnt been enough and based on their great encounter on Raw this feud has some great matches in it. For that reason i feel Rollins leaves with the WWE Heavyweight Championship and possibly the US Championship, but i do sense a non finish here which would be ultimately lazy booking. I have vowed to pick clear winners so for this i say……….
Winner: And new Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins (Barring a non finish)

Brock Lesnar Vs Undertaker

This is a huge match-up but I’m not sure its necessary! Brock has been on a huge winning run and a dominant run since these two last met while ‘taker has only had one match where Bray did the bulk of the carrying. I’m also not completely sure what a win for either man does here and thats why I see some sort of odd ending that leaves everything open. Will Kane return t save his brother from a F5 and loss leading to a DQ? Or will we get a Sting intervention to cost Lesnar the match and set up the WrestleMania match everyone wanted 15years ago between the two. Either way this match has had some decent build, mainly by Heyman on the microphone and could be a fun brawl to watch but I do feel Taker could get legitimately hurt here and hope that isn’t the case.

Winner: Brock Lesnar as it seems the only logical choice here.

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