Comic Book Picks 5th August’15

Wednesday is nearly here again and that means it’s time for the new comic book releases and here are my picks for the week.

Groot #3


Official Synopsis: ALONE AND ADRIFT, Groot’s got nobody to turn to now that his best pal Rocket Raccoon has been kidnapped! What’s worse, cosmic calamity continues to strike, and when a cosmic storm threatens to destroy an entire world, it’s up to Groot to stop it – but he can’t do it alone! Featuring special guest stars DAWN GREENWOOD AND THE SILVER SURFER!

Why it’s a Pick: This has been a full on journey of entertainment since the first issue, and considering Groot only has 3 words I wasn’t expecting so much from this. Add to this the fact that my daughter has enjoyed reading the first two issues with me and this book has to be doing something right.

Darts Vader #8


Official Synopsis: Bounty Hunters on the attack-against the Empire! Darth Vader and Aphra continue their alliance – but how long will it last? Plus: Who is Tagge’s mysterious new agent?

Why it’s a Pick: Darth Vader has been a truly brilliant read so far giving us a great story featuring the most feared sith in the galaxy while covering new ground. This is poised to continue and I’m sure will be as exciting as it has been so far with this new release.


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