Comic Book Picks 22nd July’15


Less than 24 hours now before we all get our hands on the nw comic book releases of the week, but what’s worth reading? Here are my thoughts on the books for the week.

Frankenstein Underground #5


Official Synopsis: Frankenstein’s monster confronts the danger lurking within the underground city. Can he save the spirit of the city or will he meet his end?

Why it’s a Pick: This has been a great tale fromm Mike Mignola so far that has equal parts mythology, familiar story and magic all wrapped up in a truly enthralling story about a monster with ideas of being a man in the world. This book has been great on the story and I’m excited to see where it goes next, you can always rely on the Mignolaverse for a great tale!

Gotham by Midnight #7


Official Synopsis: The responsibilities of the Midnight Shift can take its toll on even the bravest. What trials has Lt. Weaver endured – and has he reached his breaking point?

Why it’s a Pick: Gotham by Midnight has been great, it’s given Gotham a real creepy underworld of magic and monsters that you always imagined lurked at the outskirts of the city.  Ray Fawkes has written a truly engaging tale and brought together a host of characters to create a team of misfits that have to try and save their souls as well as the city, but it truly works. The loss of Templesmith on art since last issue was disappointing but the book has retained it’s signature look and feel which is only going to help moving forward.

Wolf #1


Official Synopsis: A new ongoing series! The crime noir thrills and characters reminiscent of True Detective meet with mythical stakes worthy of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in this original fantasy/horror/crime saga for mature readers. Antoine Wolfe, a hard-boiled paranormal detective with a death wish, has to cope with sudden responsibility for an orphaned teenage girl who might be the key to the impending apocalypse, California-style. The road to hell and back begins in a max-sized first issue, with 58 pages of story and no ads

Why it’s a Pick: If you’ve read the Synopsis this should be easy, it sounds like a great new title that could mesh some of pop cultures biggest styles together to make a truly unique looking and story based book. This has me excited for sure.

Book of the Week


This one is too exciting to not have at the top of the list this week, hopefully I’m not shown up here!


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