Comic Book Picks 25th July’15


Wednesday is once more around the brink, and this week sees another slew of comic books hitting the shelves; and here’s my pick on what you need to be reading.

Ant Man Annual #1


Official Synopsis: Just in time for the ANT-MAN movie (funny, that), it’s the team-up you’ve been waiting for: Scott Lang and Hank Pym, together again! Ant-bros! A classic villain makes his dreaded return! And a new hero is born! Well, not born, really — he’s already an adult. Nobody wants to read about a super-baby. (Or do they?)

Why its a Pick: Ant Man has been really good lately, and with an opportunity to tie into the larger publicity for the movie I sense this should be a real hit too. Add to this the fact that we get to see two Ant Men teaming up and this could be a really fun light-hearted book of super hero action to lighten the mood for the week.

Hawkeye #22


Official Synopsis:  Hawkeyes vs. Tracksuits. Final Round

Why its a Pick: Hawkeye has been one of Marvels best books each and every month since its relaunch, and with the current run winding down i expect this book to go out on a real high- and that should be this issue. This book has major changes coming along- and im hoping that this is the end that this book deserves, as it has been a truly remarkable series.


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