Comic Book Picks 8th July’15

cropped-comic-picks-header.jpgWednesday is nearly here and that means its time for a host of new comic books to hit the shelves; and here’s what I think you should be buying and reading this week.

Batman #42


Official Synopsis: More surprises around every corner as the all-new Batman hits the streets of Gotham City!#

Why its a Pick: This book has been amazing for the last 41issues, since Scott Snyder took over the title and even with the recent removal of Bruce Wayne from the equation this book has started to do something that could be a real change (short time at least) I really enjoyed the last issue with the double Batsuit, and the way the ‘New Batman’ guided us through how he feels.

Big Man Plans #4


Official Synopsis: MINISERIES CONCLUSION! The shocking conclusion where the true motive of Big Man’s bloody rampage is revealed!

Why its a Pick: This has been a brilliant little tale of revenge and murder, done in the only way that Eric Powell knows how; fast and intense. I’m excited to see how the end of this plays out, as watching the ‘Little man’ try to craft revenge is brilliant, and im also excited to finally find out why after all this time he has come back for revenge now.

Harrow County


Official Synopsis: Terrified by what she’s learned of witches and monsters, Emmy takes shelter in an ancient graveyard, as she’s hunted down by her own family! Features two backup stories exclusive to the single issues! Features a pinup by Lady Killer creator Joelle Jones!

Why its a Pick: This book has been creepy and eerie in the first two issues but has also spun an interesting tale of magic and witches that hasn’t been done so well in a long time. This issue promises to give us more about the Haints and the monsters that should now drive the story forward, towards the conclusion.

Book of the Week


I wasnt really excited for the new Batman, but the first issue was such a different Batman read and the final page was a true “WHAT” moment that this is the most anticipated book for me this week.


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