Comic Book Picks 1st July’15

cropped-comic-picks-header.jpgWednesday is nearly here and that means aswell as playing Arkham Knight im going to be able to get my hands on a bunch of new comic books, but whats worth buying this week? Well here are my top picks.

Darth Vader #7


Official Synopsis: The Emperor’s machinations revealed! Everything changes for Vader! The tale of Vader’s transformation from A New Hope to The Empire Strikes Back continues!

Why its a Pick:This book has been on fire since its launch and the image of seeing Vader discover that Luke is his son at the end of the last issue was superb- so I’m really excited for how he handles this. This has been a great book under Marvel, and I only see this continuing here.

Groot #2


Official Synopsis: STRANDED, and without anyone who can understand what’s coming out of his mouth, it’s Groot vs The Cosmos in a trek to get his best friend back! Featuring a special guest star who’s REALLY OUTTA THIS WORLD! Groot may look intimidating, but, trust us, he’s all bark!

Why its a Pick: The first issue of this was a  really fun read, and is great for my daughter too and im hoping that the series continues to deliver fun moments in equal measure with story. The image of a ‘Superman’ being sent to a dying star was brilliantly funny, and didn’t detract from the space pirates tale and who doesn’t want more Groot, Rocket Racoon and space pirates and sharks??? Exactly this is a fun read that you need to be buying this week, and to think i was deadly sceptical this book wouldn’t work.

Secret Wars #4


Official Synopsis: ALL THE ANGELS SING!

Why its a Pick: Marvel have been doing a decent job with their Secret Wars/Battleworld stories and I have full trust in Hickman to deliver on this here and continue the intriguing and interesting new world that has been thrown together for now and will soon evolve into a new future for Marvel. Seeing Doom as god has been fun along with the Thor Corp (Police) and seeing how Miles Morales becomes the true Spider-Man has me intrigued enough to be telling you to buy this book!

Book of the Week


Nothing more shocking has happened in the Star Wars universe than Vader finding out Luke is his since the original reveal he was his father, and for that reason the aftermath of this moment has to be at the top of your reading list this week.


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