Comic Book Picks 24th June’15

filmfriday headerWednesday is nearly here again, and that means that its new comic book day, and following todays release of Batman: Arkham Knight is looking like a hell of a good week for comic book fans. So let’s get started with what I think you should be looking at reading this week.

Uncanny Avengers #5


Official Synopsis: The truth that will shatter the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. War between the Low and High Evolutionary. An Avenger has to choose between his friends and a perfect future

Why its a Pick: Uncanny Avengers has been a great read ever since Remender took over, and this latest incarnation of the team is just as exciting and entertaining. With the recent revelations surrounding Wanda and Pietro this should be a great issue, and when you add into that the fact that Sabretooth is more engaging than he has been in years this is a truly great book right now.

Fight Club #2


Official Synopsis: For the past decade Tyler Durden’s been sneaking out of Sebastian’s subconscious. Sebastian has a nice wife and a nice kid. He has a nice home in the suburbs. Nice-enough neighbors. Now all that’s going up like so much potassium permanganate.

Why its a Pick: The first issue was a really good read, and it was nice to be back in the world of Tyler Durden and see what has happened to one of pop cultures most beloved imaginary personalities of recent years. The artwork on the book was great too, and it was really nice to see where Tyler has gone and what he has been doing. While I was initially sceptical about this being a comic, the first issue proved me wrong and im excited for this one.

Frankenstein Underground


Official Synopsis: Deep underground, Frankenstein’s monster is taken captive by the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra. But while their master shares his story, the monster discovers the true history of the lost city and the powers that inhabit it.

Why its a Pick: This book has been great and full of wonderful characterisation and intriguing myth. This is a very welcome addition to the ‘Mignolaverse’ and looks like the story should continue strong and continue to weave in the regular threads of magic and fate that Mignola writes so well, and for that reason this book is sure-fire don’t miss.

Book of the week:


This book has me massively intrigued and excited at the same time so for this reason I was unable to select anything else here this week- this should be a really exciting book given the end of the first issue.


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