American Gods (Neil Gaiman) picked up for Series by Starz


American Gods is easily my favourite of all of Gaimans novels, and one of his best which is no small praise, so when it was announced several years ago that it would get a TV adaptation I couldn’t have been happier. However it got shelved at HBO but this week has found a new home with Starz.

The show will be under the leadership of show runners Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal) and Michael Green (Blade Runner 2, The Wolverine 3). It also has a release date of 2016- so we don’t even have a long time to wait for this adaptation to make it to the small screen.

download (4)The real tasks now begin as choosing the right actors to play Gaiman’s iconic characters like Shadow, Mr. Wednesday and Mr. Nancy could make or break this series, and while that might take a while, it’s far from the only intriguing thing to consider.  American Gods is as much about weird America as it is about world mythology, and as a result there are many iconic locations at work in the story. Some of these locations are real, like the famed House on the Rock in Wisconsin. Others, like the town of Lakeside, are fictional, but very much informed by Gaiman’s own view of the American Midwest. So will we see filming in these real locations, or will they be as brilliant portrayed as in the book?

However with the amazing visuals job that Fuller has done on Hannibal I have faith that he can bring these places to life and make them look as detailed as Gaiman does in the source work. Let the real work of getting this show off the ground begin.


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