Top Teenage Superheroes

2048294829409Comic Books are full of teenagers getting great powers and having to deal with this responsibly, while choosing to try to change or save the world. But who has been the best at this, and who has had the biggest impact upon the comic book world- well lets take a look.

Wally West


Wally Makes the list, as there aren’t a huge amount of superheros that start out a protegé’s/children versions of their idols that then go on to replace the original but Wally is one of those and became more popular than Barry himself. The nephew of Barry, Wally grew up idolizing The Flash and, in a freak accident under the same conditions, received Barry’s powers. He took on the role of Kid Flash and became Barry’s sidekick until Barry was killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, upon which he inherited his uncle’s mantle. Wally has been a great character over the course of his time, and has earned his spot on this list.

Dick Grayson


Batman has had a host of teenage sidekicks, and I came very close to placing Damien Wayne in here instead, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it as no-one has had a more lasting impression on Gotham and the Dark Knight than Dick Grayson. Not only did he serve as a sidekick for years, he earned his own fan base so that when he eventually became Nightwing he got his own book (Still does) and has become so popular that many people refused to acknowledge Jason Todd as Robin, and will always give the role as Dick’s. Not only this but he was the leading and core member of the Teen Titans, who may well be the best Teenage Superhero team of all time and while he is no well past his teenage years you can’t deny the impact he had on the superhero world during this part of his life.

Ms Marvel


Kamala Khan is one of the better things to come out of the relaunched Marvel Now, and has really changed the landscape of public perception around superheroes by placing an Islamic teenager in a hero role. The writing on this book has also been brilliant, as is the backstory for Kamal who is closely tied to the Inhumans and feels like Spider-man did back in his teenage years only with a very different set of morals and ambitions. In her short time at Marvel and on the shelves she has really made a huge splash n the comic book world (Sales are huge) and that’s the reason she makes this list. If you have yet to try any of the new Ms. Marvel stories you really owe it to yourself to do so sooner rather than later.


3079374-comics-spider-man_00269207Of all the teenage superheroes ever in print is anyone more iconic? Peter Parker is the best teenage superhero ever, and i know this list is in no order but it wouldn’t be complete without Parker. Not only is Peter Parker the greatest comic book teenager but he mat well be one of pop cultures biggest teenagers ever, as everyone knows his origin story and how he juggled aspects of teenage life-like caring for his Aunt, dealing with the death of parents and uncle, getting job and graduating school all while being a superhero. Parker may have grown out of his teenage years, and has become a bigger hero since but everyone will remember the first time he heard “With great power comes great responsibility” and how this deifined his teenage years and continue to define the rest of his life as both a man of the world and the greatest superhero (My opinion) currently in print.

Well there they are the top teenage superheroes- let me know if you think differently.


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