Weekly Recomendation: InHuman (2013-present)


This weeks recommendation comes from Marvel, and their relaunch of the InHuman line in 2013. I’ve recently got around to reading this (thanks to the Marvel Unlimited App) and have thoroughly enjoyed the change of status quo that series gave the InHumans and the character development were treated too.

recommendationThis series picks up after the fall of new Attilan into New York city and the disappearance of the king ‘Black Bolt’ after a huge cloud of Terrigen Mist has been spread onto the world and is causing changes and death everywhere it travels. This is a real change of circumstance for the InHumans who for the best part of their existence with the Marvel universe have been a secret and hidden away from the world so to become known in such a way is a great start to the ‘relaunch.’

From the beginning of this series its clear that the focus os going to shift from the hidden world of Attilan to the desperate struggle of the InHumans to try to survive while carving out a new place for themselves in the world. Add to this the panic amongst the world due to the terrigen mist cloud and the deaths/changes this occurs and this is one hell of an exciting start.


With Blackbolt, possibly the best known InHuman missing for the first arc of the series we get the focus placed on Medussa (InHuman Queen) and its nice to see how she runs the race opposed to the King. We really get to understand her motives and facets of her character more than ever before, but we also get to see the lengths she will go too to try and protect her people and their history. However it’s not just Medussa we get to see ore off, but we also learn there are other factions of InHumans out there and that their goals with new Teregenesis turned people is very different, and the first real glimpse of these civilisations is through the slaying of a newly turned InHuman who isn’t deemed worthy by the monstrous hunter Lash.

Alongside Lash we get new lead characters such as Dante who immediately can’t control his new fire powers and has to be taken down (alive of course) by Medussa herself, and as each of these characters is unveiled you really get to see how they could change the future of the InHuman race for the better or the worse in the face of the worlds media.


The writing in this book is brilliant as they have managed to take a group of characters I was familiar with but felt no real connection too, and made them a group I really cared about and felt as though I wanted to follow on their journey. When you add to this the epic storylines of earth trying to accept the InHumans and wether or not this was BlackBolts plan all along  you get a brilliantly written book that is all about the survival of a race in the face of its biggest turmoil to date, which is fully due to Soule’s job on the writing.Joe Madureira does a great job on the artwork too, making everything jump off the page and look other worldly without giving it too much of a foreign feel for the Marvel universe.

This book is well worth a read and I’m glad I finally got around to it, that’s the reason its this weeks reccomendation.


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