Elimination Chamber Roundtable Review

If you watched the WWE ‘S latest PPV then you know that it had a clear highlight in Kevin Owens beating John Cena, but how did the rest of the night fair? Well my team of trusty viewers (James, Ray & Julie) are here to answer the tough questions.
All participants were told to expect true/Flash questions relating to the PPV, and here is the roundtable.

1 Elimination Chamber is the kind of exclusive that the Network will really value from having as an exclusive programme

R&J  TRUE – The Network needs to have content that is ‘can’t miss’ viewing for the average WWE fan. There needs to be serious incentive to get casual fans to sign up and the best way to do that is through real storyline progression.

James True. The network needs exclusive content to reward those that subscribe to it.

2 The tag team chamber match was a good concept that worked well

R&J TRUE – The tag team match was fresh, fun, exciting and everyone was booked perfectly. Each team got the spotlight put on them and their individual strengths/characters were highlighted brilliantly. We knew New Day were coming out of this as the champs from the day it was announced but the final showdown between PTP and the title defenders was tense and exhilarating. The tag division embarrassed the Intercontinental division and we look forward to seeing more matches of this type.

James False. I felt the tag match was a little bit messy (as was the other elimination chamber match of the night) it felt like it took them exceptionally long time to build spots that weren’t that impressive when they came off. I think the match only had one winner once Cesaro and Kidd were eliminated.

3 Kevin Owens stole the show with a great win over and match with John Cena

R&J BARELY FALSE – This was a great match and Owens’ clean win was refreshing and well deserved, but the tag match was such a personal stand-out and stole the show.

James  True. I think it was the right result and the match had a big fight feel to it, I only hope they don’t reverse the result at MiTB as I feel its too soon for a rematch.

4 WWE needs to look to NXT for Divas division plans as this match was poor and poorly  wrestled as a whole

R&J TRUE – The WWE divas will end up killing each other with those botches. The division needs to be flushed out and resurrected through NXT. It’s not just the quality of the wrestling that sucks, it’s the lack of character direction too. Tamina and Naomi are heels and Paige is face, but what on Earth is anyone else? It says a lot that one of the most popular divas on the roster doesn’t even wrestle.

James True. It wasn’t a good match to watch and when you watch what the diva’s are doing on NXT, you realise that WWE is wasting its divas

5 You totally brought the title switch to Ambrose


R&J TRUE – We thought it was an unpredictable and experimental twist for the storyline (I mean, who really thought Ambrose was coming out of the event with the gold?) so we were impressed when it happened, especially after all the foreshadowing for a dodgy finish. The Dusty finish was grating and we hate when rules are treated inconsistently and just applied to fit storyline purposes. Remember that one time they used instant replay? Still, Ambrose stealing something he believes he deserves is the most consistent characteristic WWE have booked since ‘Brock suplexes people’ and we’re getting a ladder match out of it. Personally, we were expecting a Roman Reigns heel turn.

James True. I was really shocked they were going with it, WWE did a great job of making it feel legit and gave him the right amount of time to celebrate before the ref reversed the decision.

6 This was a better PPV than normal that you enjoyed.

R&J TRUE – It was one of the best of the year so far.

James True. I did enjoy the PPV, but felt the elimination chamber matches let the show down, I am a sucker for a good elimination chamber and this show failed to deliver on that front, everything else was good though

Thanks all, there are the thoughts of some wrestling enthusiasts on the latest WWE PPV. See you all again soon



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