Short Thoughts: The Flash season finale


This week saw the Season1 finale for the Flash, and this episode was not only great but it gave us a host of things to look forward to in the next season. So lets take a look at what we got to get us thinking.

short thoughtsThe season finale for the Flash took on a huge task, as it was trying to bring together all the elements from the first season, including The Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawnes) time travel, Barrys desire to save his mom and the future of Eddie and Iris while at the same time set the scene for the future of the universe; and it did nothing but succeed!


This episode gave us everything we could have hoped for and way more- it wasnt only satisfying it was brilliant and a truly fitting tale to keep the team moving forward and the show engaging. This episode gave us a really good moral choice for Barry, presented to him by Wells; should he help Wells get back to his future in exchange for going back in time and saving his mother? This was the story for the whole episode and the season really- and this gave us the chance to see what Barry would do when presented with the choice.

Giving Barry this choice was genius as it allowed for him to have emotionally investing conversations with everyone on his team about whether or not he should take Wells offer; and this presented the hero with a real choice as if he did it would change all of his known history and none of the relationships he cherishes would exist. The best of these conversations was with his Dad, who told Barry he was “In Awe of the man he had become” and didn’t want him to change this even if it meant getting his wife back- these scenes were brilliantly written and very well though out.

The Flash -- "Fast Enough" -- Image FLA123A_0127b -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Candice Patton as Iris West, Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Thawne and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Barry Eventually made the decision to go back in time and try to save his mother- meaning that Thawne was being allowed to go back to his own time and continue his quest to rid the world of the Flash. However before Barry could do this Wells explained the process- and it was finally reveled that he built the particle accelerator purely for this purpose as if Barry used it to collide with a Helium particle he could open a worm hole and use the ‘Speed Force’ to travel back through time to the event he wishes to change.

Wells also got some great moments this week- watching him manipulate Barry into getting himself out of the cell and back to his own time was brilliant, especially when he reveled Barry would only have 1minute and 52seconds before the worm hole became unstable and turned into a black hole which would destroy the world. This reveal after Barry had made his choice was brilliant along with the phrase “Do your friends still believe in you as much as I Do?” He had a great moment with Cisco where Cisco reveled he could remember Wells killing him- and Wells simple stated he wasnt sorry for killing him but for the fact he hadn’t noticed sooner that the explosion had clearly given Cisco powers too!

images (9)

After all the emotional investment I was worried that the final task of opening the portal would be disappointing; but I couldn’t have been more wrong as this was the best section of the show. Watching Barry run faster than ever before and channel the speed force gave us some great glimpses at both his past and the future to come within the show. We got to see a statue to Barry in Central city in the future, a glimpse of Caitlyn as Killer Frost which was cool, as we had just learnt that she may have been affected by the particle accelerator too. Then we got to see a glimpse of the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ team together, hinting at their involvement in the future of the DC television universe all before Barry arrived back at his house in time to save his mom. But this is where things got even more interesting; as Future Barry saw our Flash and told him not to interfere in the events taking place, and that’s exactly what happened- he got to watch his mother die and be with her while it happened. This was the complete opposite of what Barry wanted, and it sets Barry up as a real heroe for the future as he’s willing to sacrifice his own desires for the greater good!


Barry then decided that Wells shouldnt be allowed to return to his time and started to head back in time to stop him- meanwhile we got a great little teaser for the involvement of other world Flash’s as we got to see Jay Garricks hat arrive through the worm hole merely prompting Wells to say “Thats my cue to leave” as the arrival of the very first Flash wouldn’t be a good thing for Wells. This is an amazing move as seeing multiple universe Flash’s in this show and other worlds would really open up some great storylines, and allow us to see some other amazing villains and heroes like the Flash of Earth2.

When Barry arrived we got a great showdown between him and Wells- that resulted in Wells winning and looking to murder Barry; leading to Eddie shooting himself to kill Reverse Flash, and become a hero in the process as if Eddie doesn’t have children then Wells (Eobard) could never come to fruition. This was a great paradox and a good way to end the Reverse Flash storyline for now- he will return when we get to other worlds im sure of this. And just as you thought it couldn’t get any heavier for our team, the Black hole resurfaces and looks to destroy the whole of central city! We get to see our first glimpse at a civilian Hawkgirl and another glimpse at Captain Cold as the watch the event unfold before Barry decides he needs to try to run fast enough to stop this event and disappears into the hole as the show ends.


This episode is everything it needed to be, and the season has been amazing as a whole. The promise of other flashes, other worlds and the evolution of Caitlyn and Cisco is too much of a hook to avoid season 2, and that’s before you mention the Black hole cliffhanger. Flash has embraced everything it needed to make it the most fun comic book show on television, and has delivered some great stories- consider me amongst it most avid fans.


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