Short Thoughts: WWE Raw 18/5/15

WWE_2015_RAW_logoWWE Raw is often a two-headed beast with moments of pure wrestling enjoyment and some dumbfounded moments of booking, but this weeks show contained more moments of brilliance than anything else- thanks mainly to Kevin Owens. so here’s the run down

short thoughtsTheres no denying theat this weeks Raw had a break through moment for another new star, at least for the main roster and that this moment was the highlight of the show. Kevin Owens made his debut on the main roster during the US Title open challenge and made his presence felt immediately, not only physically but also from a character standpoint as he went tow-toe verbally with Cena even giving Cena a much-needed “you’re not a Veteran to me” line. Seeing WWE acknowledge the cocky side and the previous ring time Owens has is great as it played into him being a monster who knows how to out talk, out maneuver and ultimate beat down his opponents on his own terms. Seeing Owens turn down the challenge as he has the NXT Title and doesn’t feel Cena’s was worthy was great too, adding in “I’ll fight on my time” was a nice nod to the future of these two. However where it got great was seeing him hit the pop-up powerbomb on Cena and then throw the US title to the ground along side Cena and stand on the belt with his NXT title raised high in the air.

1028886This moment is everything it needed to be- it advertised the Unstoppable event on the Network Wednesday night but more importantly it made Owens look great (By the way he is) while also setting up a future feud between the two; which we learnt later in the night will take place at Elimination Chamber. While having Owens fight would have been nice, having him get the same spot as others in the match and ultimately lose to Cena wouldn’t have done as much for him as this did. This was the best introduction Owens could have wished for, as anytime you verbally and physically berate Cena you become an instant star on the main roster; and the fact he then requested a match at Elimination chamber only helps him look legitimately badass.

This week also saw the Intercontinental title get some love as it was in the show opening and the announcement that a new champion will be crowned at Elimination chamber was exciting as was seeing the announcements throughout the night of who would make the match. We saw the Ryback and Sheamus given entrance first, shortly afterwards the two took on each other in a physical and entertaining bout that went for about 12ninutes and looked good. However why the WWE wont allow Sheamus to win cleanly in his new heel gimmick and give him some legitimacy I don’t know. That’s a small gripe though from an otherwise good match that featured all the power spots you’d expect from the two.


Speaking of Chamber participants we then got to see KIng Barrett take on an injured Neville in our regular PPV rematch for the night. However we got a slight twist as the NXT rivalry between Bo Dallas and Neville was played in as Bo attacked Neville before the match doing damage to the knee making all his regular high-flying spots impossible for the match allowing Barrett the easy win. Neville sold the injury brilliantly, and lost no momentum from this move as a mini feud with Bo could be in the cards and could produce a decent match like the NXT specials did. However Barrett was able to get himself added to the Chamber match as a result of the win- and RTruth was added too. Yes I have no idea why or how, or who thought this would sell the match but he’s there despite doing nothing on tv for weeks! Odd or what?!

Later in the night Dolph Ziggler took on Stardust and after a very short and unnecessary feeling match got told he too would be entering the  match for the intercontinental title inside the chamber. And then a strange thing happened, as Lana made her way to the ring to meet with Dolph! Ok some back story first for this;

Lana and Rusev obviously have heat after she told the world he quit at Payback (after he should have won for knocking Cena out by ‘hey ho’ right) so he came to the ring earlier in the night to demand a rematch and left Lana in the back only to have her come out later on and interrupt his speech and slap him around the face and Rusev go to attack Lana before she was able to escape but be banished from Rusevs side. Hence her appearing later to kiss Ziggler- as obviously when your banished by the Super athlete you run into the arms of Ziggler! I know this bit made no booking sense, but the crowd are loving the Lana face turn so for now im willing to see where this goes, especially as it got Rusev added to the Chamber match for the Title.


Other events on the show saw a good match between Wyatt and Amborse that allowed Wyatt to get the win on the back of his Ryback victory but didn’t really give him a new feud to work with, which is disappointing for now. We also saw the Harper and Rowan alliance tag together to dominate a team of Fandango and Ryder easily to move forward. WE saw the return of Paige during the odd ending to the Divas title match, as she saved Nikki form a double beat down by Naomi and Tamina- only to then turn on Nikki too- which makes sense as she is the legitimate number 1 contender for that title.

The WWE also announced how the tag team elimination chamber would work, and we will see six teams (Ascension, New Day, CesaroKidd, Los Matadores, Luch Dragons and PTP) inside the cell released in pairs to try to win the gold through eliminating the others. This all became apparent as at the end of the Tag Team Title rematch, that saw the New Day retain through a DQ finish (Another title DQ finish on this show) all the teams involved made their presence felt in the ring with only the PTP left standing at the end of the brawl in the ring. This looked good, but im not sure why Los Matodores are in the match and not the Harper/Rowan pairing as that would add more intrigue and violence to the match- I mean who really takes Los Matodres seriously now?!


The show closed with the promised ‘Architect of Dream’ celebration for Rollins retaining his title, however it was unsurprisingly interrupted by Ambrose- who had popped up several times before in the Authorities business during the night.

Amborse was asking for a WWE Heavyweight championship match ast Elimination chamber only to be turned down, until he attacked Rollins and was able to get the best of him, Kane , J&J and hold Rollins head over some cinder blocks and threaten to smash it with a chair until Steph gave him his match. Eventually after a short tussle Rollins got the best fo him and Pedigreed him into the Canvas to end the night.

This was a great show this week, that gave us a lot of god things and here are the top 10moments of this weeks RAW.


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