Short Thoughts: Thor #8

Thor got a big release this week as it was promised that Jason Aaron would reveal the identity of the new Goddess of Thunder- and true to his word delivered. But was this a good issue or just a stunt for the reveal. (Spoilers contained, including the reveal of Thor)

This series has been great since its inception and Aaron has done a great job of building interest towards who is the new Thor, but also in building a character who feels real and humble in their desire to make the world a better place.
This issue continues that trend as even in the face of a battle with the Destroyer she maintains her desire to do better for the world and insists that the multitude of women there to help shouldn’t haven’t put themselves at risk. This works brilliantly with the character motivations and really helps her appeal.
However it’s her brief conversation with Odinson that is the most accurate and telling of the character as she claims him the most worthy of Mjolnir and struggles with not telling him who she is as she doesn’t want to hurt him further- only making the reveal more accurately portrayed from a character standpoint.

The artwork of this issue is great, as the scale of the battle looks big and impactful but never loses any quality in the panels or the character detail. The close up shots of Thor also convey how she is feeling at each point and help the later half of this issue. The artwork brilliantly compliments the dialog and the story making this issue a true success.

However it’s the reveal in the final pages that this book is all about, and I have to say it makes sense to me. The seeds were sewn early on and it’s nice to see this come back to fruition, and I’m excited to see where we go from here. Aaron has really delivered here and I’m hoping the book continues its strong storytelling moving forward.



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