Comic Book Picks 6May ’15

cropped-comic-picks-header.jpgFree Comic Book day has been and gone, and my daughter loved it, so now only new release day awaits us this week. This week is a big one, so lets take a look at the titles that i think you should buy.

Secret Wars #1



Why its a Pick: This is it! The biggest Marvel event of the last few years, and while we get told this a lot by the ‘big two’ this one seems to be setting itself up to change everything forever- if you’ve read any of Hickman’s Avengers you understand the scope of this book. Add to the huge scope that fact we get to see the Ultimate and the 616 Universe tangle it up and this sounds like a really brilliant book.

Amazing Spider-Man #18


Official Synopsis: A huge chapter in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN history comes to a close! Peter’s choices as CEO of Parker Industries come home to roost

Why its a Pick: Well its Spider-Man and Slott has been doing a great job with Parker since he took the reigns and continues to do so post Spider-Verse and the tangle that left Parker in. Ghost has also been brilliantly handled thus far, and the promise of Black Cat meeting Spider-Man again is too tempting to miss.

Convergence #5


Official Synopsis: The threat to the Multiverse grows as Brainiac confronts his creation Telos, and the surviving heroes of Earth-2 are stuck in the middle! Plus: A specific moment in time signals a call to all the cities that have been battling each other! Witness the final fates of the winners and losers of Convergence!

Why its a Pick: Convergence continues to roll along, not doing anything amazing right now but its use of Braniac is good and the potential payoff could be huge- and right now that’s enough to keep me reading and interested. This book promises to give us another move to finale and that must be a good thing.

Book of the Week


Nothing this week is bigger than this book- and if you got the Free Comic Book day preview, you know just how good this should be. Marvel should have a smash on their hands here, not simply because it changes everything forever but also because it should be amazing.


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