Weekly Recommendation: Marvel Mighty Heroes


This weeks recommendation takes the form of a MMO for tablets and phones brought to you by DeNA and Marvel- and the game is equal parts addictive and fantastic.

Mighty Marvel Heroes is set within the Marvel universe and tasks players with competing within events to earn the most points and wins prizes- however you are playing with 3other online players at all times to finish the short (2minute) missions and earn rewards based on the damage you deal. While this may not sound great- the gameplay is simple and addictive and the character design is brilliant making any experience with the Marvel universe here totally enjoyable.


The first thing you notice when you load the game up is how well designed the characters are- there very similar to Guardians of the Galaxy TUW designs- as each character has a slightly enlarged head that makes them nearly as cute as a Funko Pop. The graphics are crisp and clean and the small levels contain enough detail to look crisp and realistic alongside the other character models. However it’s when you decide to use a characters special abilities that the game really shines, as Thor can reign down some impressive looking lightning or Groot can smash half the screen with a huge tree blast attack, and these moments look great, and deal some serious damage too.

Graphics aside, the gameplay is always important and here the control scheme is simple- point and click! Yes to move our character you tap a section of the screen, or swipe to make them dodge while tapping a villain will make your character attack them.Special attacks are just as easy to carry out too as you simply tap the required special icon on the side of the screen and watch the carnage unfold. While this sounds easy there are varying ways skills work, some do damage to an area of effect and some need directional help making mastering the skills difficult at times.


Crafting the perfect team of three heroes to take on each mission is also fun and allows for a host of possibilities if you choose to switch out multiple times in a match.This makes building your team as much fun as unleashing them, especially as they level up throughout missions and their skills can be improved by unlocking alternative costumes or using in-game currency; yes im afraid this is Premium, but you can achieve for free.

The mission structure is all based around the events system, where you have three types of mission- survive, defend and boss battle. The survive missions require you to have at least one hero left at the end, while the defend mission need you to keep targets in tact and the Boss mission require some heavy hitting to defeat the current villain of the week. Each serious of three missions repeats with a higher multiplier after you complete them (usually multiple times) allowing you to score more points and rank higher on the leader boards. While at times the levels can feel repetitive a simple change to the way you play or the team you use helps keep things fresh and may give you the edge you need.


Overall in my two weeks playing I’ve had a great time discovering new heroes, powers and combinations that work best for me and trying to climb the ladder in the weekly events. This is game that can be played by everyone at all levels as for the short period of time each mission takes its truly fun.

If you love Marvel and mobile gaming, give it a go.


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