Comic Book Picks 29April ’15


Wednesday is nearly here and that means that it’s the release of new comics- and this weekend see Free comic book day too, so this is a very good week for comic readers the world over. But lets take a look at the best books to buy tomorrow.

Batman #40

BM40Official Synopsis:  The finale of “Endgame” is here! Batman risks everything against The Joker! Who will laugh last?

Why its a Pick:This is the finale of Snyders amazing run on this book, at least in the current iteration. And boy has this run been totally amazing- we’ve seen everything from the crazy court of owls maze, to the Joker removing his face and dismembering Alfred. I’m not sure what were likely to see as the finale comes t a close but its safe to assume that the Batman and his family will never be the same again. And will we find out if the Joker is truly immortal?

Avengers #44


Official Synopsis: FINAL ISSUE!
This April, the Avengers and the Illuminati face down their final hours. The clock is winding down and the final incursion is upon us.
Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman along with blockbuster artists Mike Deodato and Kev Walker bring to a close the epic saga of the Avengers, the Illuminati, and a Marvel Universe on the brink of extinction. The Incursions from parallel Earths from other dimensions have taken their toll on our heroes, and the battle worn Avengers stand ready to face utter decimation.
Before the highly-anticipated SECRET WARS begins in May, close out Jonathan Hickman’s epic Avengers and New Avengers saga with these two, oversized final issues! What changes await Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Be there when TIME RUNS OUT this April in AVENGERS #44 and NEW AVENGERS #33!

Why its a Pick: Jonathan Hickman has delivered a great long game with this book, that has been building to this very moment from the first issue and weve had some great stories, and some great moments especially given how Black Panther finally got his revenge on Namor. This book sets up everything that is to come with the new Marvel universe and Secret Wars, so get it now before you can grab Secret Wars #0 on Free Comic Book day.

Book of the Week


Nothing tops my excitement for this book all month, never mind just this week. This should be an epic conclusion to one of the best runs on Batman in history. If you havent read any of it you really need to get it all now!

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