Weekly Reccomendation: Avengers: Age of Ultron


I got to see this movie last night, and couldn’t recommend it more as it does everything you want a comic book  movie to do; it provides action, compelling characters, a great villain and set the future of the universe up very well.

Age of Ultron doe many things right, and considering the film introduces us to 6new characters that are all meaningful (Ultron, Wanda, Pietro, Klaw, Vision and Cho) not a single one of them feels rushed or out-of-place or like a paper thin addition. Klaw is the most fleeting of the characters introduced but is given the kind of send off from the film that leaves you knowing he’s going to be back and more meaningful, and given the mention of Wakanda and vibranium it would be a safe bet we’ll see him in Black Panther. Vision is only introduced half way through the movie but is given some really cool moments (including Thors hammer!) and is also explained and fleshed out very well given the amount of characters within the movie.


However the real stars of the new movie are Ultron, and the Maximoff twins. Ultron seems very quickly developed as it goes from theory between Stark and Banner to development very quickly however when he first appears it’s a truly great scene. We get to see him looking broken and deschevled- despite being new- while he gives a great monologue full of intent and threats that truly sets the scene of him being the films true villain to all of humanity not just the Avengers. As the movie goes on Ultron develops physically too posing a bigger threat each time the team encounter him and this change really helps improve the suspense and drama of each encounter. And Spader was a great choice as the voice as he is truly brilliant as Ultron from the beginning until the end.

The Twins are also brilliantly done with Wanda looking scary and creepy with her chaos magic at the start- and the usage of this makes for some great dream/nightmare sequences for the Avengers. When she does switch allegiances her power set improves and looks just as great while destroying mini ultron bots, and at one point seeing her obliterate them was amazing. Pietro has a power look similar to the Flash and it really works here as the slow-motion is used in less frequency making it seem special when we see it, but seeing the white and blue blur is great all the way through- add to him the decision he makes at the end and his impact here is huge.


The action throughout is fast and frantic from the opening forest and castle assault to the awesome sequence featuring Starks Hulkbuster (AKA Veronica) taking on an enraged Hulk in the middle of a town everything feels like it’s on giant scale and has lasting repercussions. Even the moments of humour are brilliantly done here, from Stark apologising for hitting the hulk continually to Thor and Iron Man arguing over who’s girlfriend is better it all just feels right. However what feels most right about this film is the focus given to Hawkeye, as this really feels like its his tale from the beginning as he’s the first thing we see on screen. After this point he becomes the focus point for pulling the team together after their confrontation with Wanda, he mentors the twins, discloses his family to everyone, gets Fury on board and saves a small child when all seems lost; this is truly his movie and it really works.

Black Widow also gets some moments of character development, mainly in her attempt to get Banner on board- they would be cute as a couple and we get our first real glimpse at how much they mean to each other when she gives Hulk the first lullaby. These moments are touching and show how things could go for these two- and the glimpse of Hulk sat on the Quinjet floor towards the end shows that the monster has feelings and is hurting more than ever! I found this a really touching shot and moment.

Ok im avoiding spoilers here as much as possible, however the movie sets up some great things for future films that I need to touch on. Tony Starks dream at the hands of Chaos magic alludes to the mad titan Thanos arrival and the death of the team which was  very good serious of imagery to tease the future, as was Thors vision of the Ragnarok and the death of his peope and the destruction of Asgard. However seeing Thor piece together the currently known about 4infinity gems and seeing them was a cool visual- and had me really geeking out in my seat. However the post credit sequence was even bigger for geekery as we finally get to see the Infinity Gauntlet and the Mad Titan put it on!


This movie has everything you want and need from an Avengers sequel and i cant recommend you go and see it enough. This is a great Marvel movie that you need to see on the big screen!

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