Short Thoughts- The Flash Season1 Ep19 ‘Who is Harrison Wells’

flash-episode-19Flash has been amazing so far this season, and this episode really helped build towards the finale- as it examines ‘Who is Harrsion Wells’ and delivers a great final scene. I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

short thoughts

The episode did everything that Flash does so well; it gave us some really fun moments, some good laughs and some real story progression as we edge ever closer to the end of the first season. This week the Star Labs team continued to investigate the possibility that Harrison Wells could very well be the Reverse Flash, and this led to the team splitting themselves up and Cisco and Joe heading to Starling city to investigate the crash site of Harrison Wells while Barry and Eddie stay in Central City and go about their own investigation.

Barry and Eddie however were distracted by a new Meta-Human arriving who has the ability to touch any human and copy their appearance and look, which he had obviously been using to commit crimes and frame others. Seeing the ability work on-screen was cool- as we got to see the take the form of all manner of people including a very good showdown with Flash where the mea channels some of our regular heroes to fight that makes the short scene well worth watching. Add to this a moment of true shock as Eddie gets set-up by the Meta and everything looks bleak for half of the episode and the tale of these two was definitely fun. The most fun moment however of this tale was when the Meta stole Barry’s appearance and decided to hit on Caitlin much to the confusion of her, and her reaction afterwards was brilliant.


While Barry and Eddie’s tale was fun this week, the journey of Cisco and Joe to Starling city was full of more storyline development and many more geek filled moments of brilliance. We got to see Joe and Cisco meet with captain Lance and Laurel and these moments created some truly great television- especially seeing Black Canary and Cisco share their secrets as Cisco’s face was a real treat. We also got to see the stark differences between the bright Central city and the gloomily lit Starling City was a real treat too as it truly shows the despair in Starling city and the need for a vigilante rather than a hero like Flash.

We also got to see the team go and look into the accident site for Harrison Wells- where the team discover the corpse of the real Harrison Wells that we have seen in previous episodes. Seeing the team discover this was great as we now know that Wells is about to be uncovered- but what will he do. We also got a great moment towards the end where Wells and Joe discuss how they both understand loss that came across as a small threat from the Dr towards Joe, as he seemed to already be aware that the group were looking into him and closing in.

This episode was well shot and the dialog was perfect, we got plenty of storyline movement and Well’s is getting closer and closer to having to reveal himself and go full on reverse flash. However the post credit sequence is what really sets up next weeks show- as team Flash discover the hidden room and the future tech Well’s has hidden away.

This series continues to move along brilliantly after a short dip last episode and does everything right.

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