Comic Book Picks 22April ’15


Wednesday is nearly here again and that means its one day closer to the release of Avengers:Age of Ultron this Thursday. However before then we get a host of comic books that should keep us busy and engaged, and here are my picks for the week.

Star Wars #4


Official Synopsis: THE GREATEST SPACE ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME CONTINUES! Luke Skywalker is NOT a Jedi-not yet, at least. He’s only ever met one Jedi in his life…and he died. So, Luke’s quest leads him back to Obi-Wan’s hut…on Tatooine.

Why its a Pick:This series has been phenominal so far, and has really managed to capture the glory of the original trilogy along with the attitudes and characteristics of the characters. Getting to see everyone’s favourite characters from the Star Wars universe in new tales has an amazing nostalgia value, but more than that its exciting, fresh and engaging. The Force Awakens Trailer release was great, and is bound to increase excitement in this already hot property so get on board now!

Frankenstein Underground #2


Official Synopsis: Chased by his tormentors into the center of the earth, Frankenstein’s monster becomes prey for a different kind of creature.

Why Its a Pick: Its written by Mike Mignola- that should be enough on its own but when you also consider how well done the first issue was with its mix of sympathetic tones and background tale of Frankensteins monster and great artwork this book could very well become huge. The art style was great, it looked a little like Mignola’s own work without being to similar that it imitated, and the tone of the book was right with its mix of science, magic and folk lore you expect from a Mignola tale. Expect the story to develop further and give us more mythos this issue, and this is something don’t want to miss.

Convergence #3


Official Synopsis: Death comes calling as an injured Telos takes out his rage on the people of Kandor, while the Earth-2 team endures another brutal casualty. And major plans are set in motion as Green Lantern and the others follow Deimos into the lost city of Skartaris to find Rip Hunter and the missing Time Masters, who could be their only hope of escape from this apocalypse for Infinite Earths!

Why its a Pick:Despite Convergence being rather lack luster thus far, it still has the potential to be massive and really change the scape of DC and im hoping that it all starts to come together a little more this issue. This event is worth keeping an ey on for that reason alone, but if your not a huge DC fan you may be disappointed so far.

Book of the Week


Star Wars is too big at Marvel to not steal book of the week- the stories have been amazingly fun and well written and the character are back to their ‘Empire Strikes Back’ best. You owe it to yourself to be reading this book, and the 3before it.


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