Batman Vs Superman Trailer Leaks

1419804986410Batman Vs Superman has a lot of hype behind it, despite a very disappointing teaser trailer however now we have our first look at the upcoming Imax trailer as its leaked online.

The trailer shows us how much the world has come to despise Superman, why were not sure since the end of ‘Man of Steel’ but the world definitely isn’t on his side. We also get to see the Batsuit in all its grey and bulky glory along with a hugely armoured suit designed for a confrontation with Superman.

While this trailer gives us lots of information- it also doesn’t give us any real motivation about the conflict or where this may have stemmed from. Add to this the glowing eyed Batman with the growling voice and the trailer has some odd moments along with some great moments- mainly the moment Batman asks Superman “Do You Bleed…..You Will”

Check out the trailer for yourself

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