Short Thoughts 23-28March

This week saw the penultimate Walking Dead, a real physical display on Powers, a time hoping Flash and the latest issue of Snyder’s Wytches book. But was it all good, well here are my short thoughts.


Walking Dead S5 Ep15 Try
This weeks episode was a truly great show as we got to see some character development, some storyline development and the break of Ricks psyche. This week we got to see how different Rick and Deanna truly are as people, as they had multiple conversations over the best way to handle Paul, who beats his wife and child- and while Deanna wanted to ignore the issue Rick felt he needed to be dealt with as “You either kill or die.” This descent in madness was shown brilliantly today, as he seems to have decided that he is the man to keep his family and those he likes safe regardless of the laws and rules within Alexandria as he has been outside doing this for so long. Seeing him taken down by Michonne as he waves a gun around in hand after beating Paul unconscious was a great image as we got to see Michonne return to the silent strong character that everyone loves from previous series. Daryll also got a little bit more of a glimpse this week, and we got to see him find a strung up and butchered human being that had been left to turn on a tree (kind of like Carol suggested) with the familiar ‘W’ carved into its head- this can only mean trouble is coming to Alexandira and its bound to arrive soon. For a penultimate issue this was good, we got Ricks Madness, another signs of the Wolves, Sasha going off into the woods on her own to hunt Walkers and bring death to as many of them as she can find all inter spaced with a touching love story for Carl and Enid while they hid in a tree from walkers. The series final is next week, and this should be a real big one; that you most definitely shouldn’t miss.

Gotham By Midnight #5 (DC Comics)
This title has easily been the best and most divergent of all the titles released that were ‘Gotham related’  in the last several months and alot of that has to do with the fact that both Fawkes and Templesmith have endeavored to give us something totally new and exciting in Gotham that is dark, moody and downright entertaining all at the same time. This issue gives the climatic showdown between the Evil inherent in Gotham (its taken a physical form) and a god sized Spectre, which surely should mean the end of the city? The stakes are high for everyone in the department and the city as a whole, as a few glimpses of Batman help to confirm and the ending to this story isn’t what i thought or how I expected but for the team involved it makes sense and helps the dysfunctional unit continue moving forward- this was a good end to a great opening arc.

Raw 23/3
This weeks Raw was the penultimate Raw before WrestleMania arrives the weekend, and as such was promo heavy edition as always but was also an odd last Raw before the big show; and hers why. We didn’t really see alot of action, we got to see a strong divas title match with a screwy finish (I didn’t mind this 6days away from the PPV) and we got a great main event between Bryan and Ziggler but other than that everything just felt like it was there to remind us who’s on the card at WrestleMania without giving us any real action. WE saw all the competitors for the intercontinental match and we saw some of the Andre the Giant competitors, along with the tag team champions and Orton in action- but nothing of note really occured! We did get a good promo from Wyatt who is bound to become a main event/top tier talent post Mania and this promo shows just how good he is on the mic when he a story to work with, and I would definitely buy him as the new undertaker style presence in the modern WWE.  What we did discover this week, and hopefully Vince heard loud and clear is that no-one wants Roman Regins anywhere near the gold; this was shown when we saw him get his hands on the championship during the showdown with Lesnar and the seeming quiet crowd erupted into a chorus of boo’s. If vince hasn’t heard this then there are problems as Lesnar needs to leave Mania as the man.

Darth Vader #3 (Marvel)
This was another solid issue of Darth Vader, and was all the more impressive as this issue the focus was entirely on new character Dr Aphra and her abilities to steal weapons and droids and repurposed these for a price. She was setup as a clever and well equipped thief who has plenty of knowledge and confidence in her abilities as well as no real fear and this made her look like a strong character that could be pivotal going forward. Seeing her and Vader interact as he request her service, and she understands that she has no choice was great- especially when she mentions Genosha and Vader replies “I have no feelings about Genosha” which we all know cant be true at all. This book continues to impress and I’m excited to see where Dr Aphra and Vader take us next.

Better Call Saul S1 Ep8
This weeks episode gave us some really good character work, as we got to see Jimmy (Saul) manage to find himself a case within an assisted living home, where he was completing wills when he suddenly discovers that all of the inhabitants are being systematically over charged for odd objects so the company can potentially profit. Watching Saul dig his teeth into this is really a heart warming moment as he is so good natured and well meaning as a character, that you really do just want him to achieve and make the most out of himself in this field- even though we know it doesn’t end so great for him. Also watching Charles suddenly find a case that interests him and that he can get himself fully involved in was nice to see and clearly appears to be what he needs as it made very sudden impact for the better. This was another solid episode of character driven story telling, and the show has been strong since its inception and continues to deliver on the build towards the series end.

Agents of SHIELD S2 Ep15
Shield this week had Skye being isolated to learn to contain her powers, Hunter escaping the clutches of the ‘Real SHIELD,’ Mac being discovered by Coulson and Mae, Ward and Agent 33 being back in the game and Mockingbird going back into Coulsons team to bring him out; so all in all a very busy episode for planting the seeds of future storylines. Despite there being a huge chunk of story movement this week, the show never felt frantic and was well done as all of the scenes featuring the ‘Real SHIELD’ felt like their was real tension and dram being built as Copulson could really come under threat from those within his own ranks. Skyes story is developing nicely as its good to see her getting the Gauntlets that will allow her to contain the powers and seeing this continually being refined- I’m eagerly awaiting the moment we get to see her in full control of her powers too! Grant Ward was brilliant this episode too as he was clearly manipulating agent 33 to his own ends and seeing him do this without her realising was great television; this role of Ward in full on villain as he plans his next moves is intriging.

Uncanny X-Men #32 (Marvel)
This issue was more of a what is Scott Summer up to now issue that it was anything else, and while that wasn’t the most exciting use of this issue in my opinion it was nice to see as the majority of the issue saw Havok (Still inversed) and Scott together catching up and reminiscing over where they are now and what this means for them next. Both men have suffered a huge fall from grace in recent months and seeing them reunited and together on the same page was special, but i feel like more was needed. Yes we got to see Scott leave his revolutionaries with the Jean Grey school and officially end his relationship with Emma Frost but given his huge revelations last issue i felt slightly disappointed with what this issue delivered. We got some great story but it just didn’t move the story forward enough for my likings I’m afraid.

Powers S1 Ep5
This weeks Powers continued the trend of giving us huge amounts of back story on the relationship between Walker and Wolfe, and it was amazingly well done. Seeing how Walker and Wolfe became student and teacher gives you a real understanding as to how and why so many powers would have followed Wolfe at the time; as his charisma and intelligence was clear for all to see. However we also got to see why Walker couldn’t kill Wolfe after the first massacre; and its not what I expected. Seeing Walker clearly decide to capture him so he could become a hero, as he had always to be, was not how i thought that incident would have occurred but made sense. We also got to see Royale as a slightly younger version of himself, and he exuded the same level of arrogance and confidence that he does now, only he seemed more timid and introverted- I’m excited by the prospect of seeing how he developed. The main bulk of this weeks show however was can Wolfe be stopped from breaking out of the Shaft; and after a valiant effort, and some great scenes where TripHammer, Retro Girl and Zora and these showdowns are brutal and tension filled as Wolfe nearly manages to eat two of the heroes and kills one with his own arm refusing to eat him as “Your merely a robot.” This brutality has defined Wolfe for the last several episodes and it was good to see his power level compared to other Powers within the world, and to see just how easily he could take everyone down and why those originally barbaric processes were put in place to keep him restrained. This episode did everything right again, and continues to be different and intriguing superhero television.

Flash S1 Ep16
This started right where last week left off with Barry arriving in the past and taking the place of his former self- adding a real level of intrigue to what he would do with the knowledge he has of the past 24hours, and with Barry wanting to be the hero and save his family he instantly puts Weather Wizard in the containment chambers. However we see throughout the episode that this has devastating effects on what he thinks will happen, as Iris no longer confesses her feelings for him even when he tries to get her too and things get awkward between the two but more importantly it leads to Cisco being captured by the returning ‘Rogues’ of  Captain Cold and Heatwave; now accompanied by Snarks sister Golden Glider. Cisco gets held hostage as they torture his brother getting Cisco to reveal the true identity of Falsh to Captain Cold. While this moment was traumatic for Cisco, its not as bad as him dying in the previous timeline and the idea that the timelines can be overwritten but it does lead to real serious dangers is a seed tat i feel will come to full fruition when we see Reverse Flash confront Barry again. Seeing Snark confront Barry and the two come to an understanding was good but well delivered, and seeing Reverse Flash kill a reporter and go full rogue was a nice way to end the episode.

Powers #2 (2015 Marvel)
This issue was much better as we got to see both Pilgrim and her partner try and solve the case of the boat full of bodies, and we also got to see how Walker is handling the second loss of powers; and the answer is not well atall. We get to see Walker taken for a ride by a stripper who has her boyfriend break into his house to try and steal all the diamond related Power goods, only to end up in a fight with Walker and knock him unconscious with a crow bar- something we wouldn’t have seen previously giving us a glimpse at just how fallen this version of Walker truly is. On the other side we get to see Pilgrim looking into the murder of dozens of people and only finding more people willing to kill themselves and hide secrets from the Powers department- this has me intrigued as to what this is all about and why is it so secretive? This book has always been a strong read and the new series doesn’t change that for me.

NXT 25/3
This weeks NXT was great, we got a very good and lengthy Womens match for the title where Alexa Bliss delivered much more offense and looked much better in the ring than I was expecting; but having Sasha Banks come out on top and retain her championship was the right call as she is the hottest commodity in the NXT womens division right now and backs this up every time she steps into the ring. We also got to see a few teases for upcoming feuds including the continuation of Enzo/Cassaday against Blake/Murphy in a brilliantly done backstage segment that mainly revolved around Carmella but lost nothing due to this. We also saw the continuation of Breeze and Itami’s feud as the are set to go 2out of3 falls next week to decide who is the better man and this does have me excited as Breeze is solid in the ring and Itami has been improving no end as of late. Then came the main event between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor and boy did this championship deliver- it may have been a slow affair in terms of pace but the quality was top notch. We got to see just how dominant Owens is even against the top talent left (Zayn and Neville storyline injured) and he was completely man handling Balor for the majority of the match with some brutal offense, however when Balor did get his comeback he looked like he could steal the win before Owens targeted a body part and tore the knee apart leading to the win for Owens when Balor couldn’t capitalise on the double foot stomp from the top. This match left alot in the tank for these two to deliver next time, and this is good but at the same time it truly delivered a memorable main event in WrestleMania week.

Wytches #5 (Image comics)
This issue gave us a good look inside the cavern/hole/dwelling that the Wytches seem to reside within, as well as some needed story development as to how the Wytches have gotten away with this in the town for so long. Once again the visuals in this issue were exceptionally strong- however there was the odd panel of Wytches which was difficult to dissect but generally this book looked as great as ever and with the storyline developments moving along (a little fast in the first few pages if felt) this was another strong issue, not as strong as the previous ones but still a great story to read and witness unfold.


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