WrestleMania 31 Predictions


Tonight sees the biggest wrestling show of the year taking place in San Francisco, and it looks like a good show with appearances from Sting and the Undertaker not to mention Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns. But who’s going to win each match is the big question; and here are my predictions.

Tonights lineup of matches is impressive, check it out:
The New Day vs. Los Matadores vs. The Usos vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (Tag Team Championship)
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
Paige and AJ Lee vs. the Bella Twins
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Intercontinental Championship Ladder match
John Cena vs. Rusev (United States Championship)
Bray Wyatt vs. Undertaker
Sting vs. Triple H
Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)


Tag Team Championship
This match has received very little build until recent weeks and even then what we have seen has been all the teams exchanging wins over each other and a ‘interspecies match’ that has seen both Cesaro & Kidd and Los Matadores win in turn. Basically the WWE doesn’t seem to know hot to build to this so gave us something thrown together- but really why Los Matadores and not Ascension? Despite this is still think this could be a good match, although New Day are dying with the fans and Los Matadores are too big a joke act to really win. With that in mind it down to two teams and one of these has had the belts for the best part of last year and the other team is the most exciting new team in a long time- and my money is on this team retaining.
Winner: Cesaro and Kidd

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
This is a very difficult match to predict as we don’t even know all the participants at this point, but we do know that Axelamania, Miz, Mizdow, Kane, Big Show, Ryback, Ascension, Prime Time Players, Eric Rowan, Golddust, Heath Slater and a few others will be in there. The big question is does the WWE use this match and time to get Sheamus back into action? If he appears here then the win is all but guaranteed to be his, however I’m not sure that going to be the plan. This means that one of the big men should be the favorite but I’m going out on a limb here and going with a Mix and Mizdow end that gives Mizdow his moment and allows him to move onto a new singles career as the winner of the Andre the Giant BR 2015.
Winner: Mizdow

Randy Orton VS Seth Rollins
10e621c7025cd3d391a049abd48482f7-d8jneqgWell the build to this has been obvious and not great, but the potential between these two is amazing and could very well steal the show. Randy seemed to return quickly and got himself back in the authority, which wasn’t the wisest decision in my eyes, as this made the eventual turn always obvious and right around the corner. When we did get the revenge turn he truly beat down Rollins, and it feels like that was Orton’s revenge right there, and as this is Rollins first singles match at WrestleMania it could well have been. The two should get a good 25minutes to really go and show us everything they’ve got and I’m excited for the potential this one has, but as the Authority is bound to be around tonight I don’t see it ending clean.
Winner: By hook or crook Rollins

Paige and AJ Lee VS The Bella Twins
This is the only divas involvement on the card, and it has some potential, not all the divas involved are great (Brie I’m looking at you) but at least three of them can go. This match has some build between the Bella’s and the alternative divas that feels real and this should give the match a real important feel. I still feel like the dissension shown between AJ and Paige will mean nothing this evening as the pair have bigger things to fight over and bigger enemies on the other side of the ring. I still feel like Paige coming in with the championship after a win on Raw would have been better for the build but this match should be better than we expect. Now the way this match goes is unsure to me, but I don’t think all the Bella build is going to end just yet, and for that reason its gotta be the Bella’s (someone likes them in WWE for some reason)
Winner: Bella twins for some reason

John Cena VS Rusev (US Championship)
Seeing Rusev decimate Cena on Raw was amazing, and has only helped add a new layer to thus feud- not only has he beaten Cena but now he’s destroyed him. However we did get a week of Super Cena where he made Rusev pass out twice to get his match on tonight’s show, and this bit sucked slightly. Despite this moment the build has been big and then match should really deliver a physical and well story driven spectacle. I’m sure we will get the return of Lana tonight who owes Rusev for agreeing to this match, so could she make a real difference. However something says that if the main event goes the way I’m predicting (see later) then WWE will want some big name champions so I see the US title returning to the franchise.
Winner: And new US Champion John Cena

Sting Vs HHH
wwe-wrestlemania-31-sting-tripsWell 14years since the end of the WCW and we finally get to see Sting in the WWE, now he may be past his best years if the last couple of his TNA years are anything to go by, but seeing him at WrestleMania is a huge moment despite of this. However I’m sure this is a one time only deal for the Icon, and he couldn’t have chosen a better man to get in the ring with as HHH will guide him through a good match/fight that has a real strong crowd engagement and reaction. The build hasn’t been great, we got a fake Sting and a weird voiceover but since then we have seen some gold interactions between the two and I’m excited to see both HHH entrance and the match between the two. However I feel that if this is a one shot deal for Sting then the outcome is easy.
Winner: The Icon Sting

Intercontinental Ladder Match
This match could be the best one on the card from a pure talent standpoint, however it has received some awful build. Seeing everyone steal the title and constantly trade victories and post match beatdowns hasn’t done the champion or the championship any real favours, as it doesn’t look strong or add value to the title. However having the level of talent they do in this match show just how important the title may be to the show after tonight, as I sense it will be going home with someone other than Bad News. So Rtruth, Harper, Stardust and Ambrose aren’t there to grab the gold- they’ll shine for sure in the moments their given but none of these is going to be taking the championship home. That leaves only Bryan and Ziggler as the other options, and given the great matches they’ve had on television recently it seems clear that this is the case. My money is on these two feuding post WrestleMania for the gold and for that reason
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Bray Wyatt VS Undertaker
d1This match is going one of two ways, it will an amazing spectacle that also delivers in the ring or it will be a wreckage to watch after Taker seeing no ring action for a year. My money is on this match delivering some great drama and entertainment while also being hard-hitting. Undertaker has something to prove since last year’s end to the streak, and should really want to show that he still has it and for this reason I think he’s bringing his best game- add to this the fact that Wyatt always delivers in the ring and this could be a true spectacle. The build has been interesting as we saw Wyatt calling him out for months and finally got an answer from Taker but we still haven’t seen the two men face-face so this first meeting between the two needs to be special, and I’m fully expecting the rest of the match to follow suit. But at the end of the day we will be getting a new face of fear!
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)
Well here we are, the main event of the show and the result that should have been the easiest call as Lesnar was due to be leaving the company and Reigns was the chosen man. However Lesnar resigning and the fact that Mondays Raw left fans booing the place down when Reigns got his hands on the title should hopefully have changed this, as its clear the fans aren’t yet ready to believe in Reigns. Lesnar is a legitimate bad as a and has been built as such for an entire year, there is no way Reigns could topple this man and even in a storyline world no one believes he could except him. Taking the gold off Lesnar clean is a bad move as the fans will revolt and the show will end with more chaos than Royal Rumble, so if Reigns is winning they need to accept him as full heel and have Hey man turn on Brock to set this up. While this train of thought intrigues me the only real option is for the Beast to retain and move forward.
Winner: Brock Lesnar


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