Comic Book Picks 25 March’15


Wednesday is fast approaching and with it comes the release of a whole new bunch of must read comic books, so here are my picks for the week.

Wytches #5


Official Synopsis: In the first half of the opening arc’s two-part finale, Charlie descends into the wytches’ burrow itself to save his daughter from an unspeakable death. But what horrors await him deep beneath the earth? And what secrets…?

Why its a Pick: Wytches has been amazing for the first 4issues and I no reason why this should be changing here. Seeing the burrow of the Wytches last issue was creepy and scary so getting to see more action within their this issue should be just as spine chilling; no-one draw creepy better than Jock does.  Anytime Synder promises secrets around this book, it gets me excited as we still don’t fully know how the Wytches came to be or what they want- so lets see if we get these this week.

Darth Vader #3


Official Synopsis: When a Dark Lord needs help, who can he turn to? Meet Aphra-the galaxy’s foremost raider of lost weaponry! Plus: could these be the deadly droids she’s looking for?

Why its a Pick: A brand new character to the Star Wars universe- Yes Please? And a bad ass weapons finder/raider this sounds like a damn fine character right there to me already, and if that’s not enough the tease that Vader is going to someone for assistance should o it; as how badass are they going to need to be to assist Vader? Theres only way to find out for sure and that’s to get your hands on this book as soon as possible.

Powers #2


Official Synopsis: An all-new chapter in the Eisner Award-winning series that turns the police procedural on its head. Walker and Deena are reunited and discover things about each other they never knew – even after all these years. Plus: an unsolvable powers case that could determine the fate of the entire Powers Department. Read the comic and see the brand-new powers TV show on the PlayStation Network. The letter column will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes info on the show from executive producer Brian Michael Bendis!

Why its a Pick: Powers has always been one of my favourite books, and the first issue of this latest relaunch was great; it felt like meeting old friends later in life and learning about the changes they’ve been through- and that last panel with Walker was a real shocker! I’m really looking forward to seeing Deena and Christian reunited and catching up, plus im excited to learn what the Powers case is that can’t be solved. Bendis is always at his best with this series, and Oemings art always stands apart from others, so get yourself this book right now (Or Wednesday first thing when it’s released really)

Book of the week:

 DRTHVDR3Darth Vader #3 steals the crown this week, as the allure of anew character to Star Wars mythology is too  much for me to pass up. Add to this the book is based around the baddest Sith lord ever (Maul is cooler but not as badass) and this book should be a real winner again.


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