Short Thoughts: 16-22March ’15


This weeks television has been great- topped off by a wonderful episode of Powers on the PSN while also showcasing a brilliant episode of The Flash. Along side this we saw the launch of Mark Millars Chrononauts, and the return of a fan favourite to the story job on Amazing Spider-Man. Hers my breakdown of the weeks best bits.

Powers S1 Ep4
This was easily the weeks best episode of anything- Period! This show has been great since its start, but really upped the anti this week with an episode that you couldn’t take your eyes for the drama, tension and downright coolness of watching Wolf tear through the ‘Shaft’ in an attempt to get out of there. As always the real highlight of the this weeks show was watching Walker struggle with how to catch a Power without having his own and seeing the lengths he will go to try to get his powers back and save people- as this week he took Swag to try to get them back and prevent Wolf from harming anyone else. We also got to hear more of the backstory between Wolf, Royale and Walker from both Walker and Royales perspective and how both men were unable to kill him before and how this has affected their every decision since. This show doesn’t just deliver amazing powers it delivers really emotional characters and moments- like Royale and Kallista talking about running away and why this hurts Royale and why he feels he’s failed. This moment was truly touching and the fact he was able to change his mind with Kallista’s help shows that he isn’t truly just a villain. When you talk action this week had everything you need as Wolf managed to get free, eat a few people and then was hunted through the lower level of the Shaft by the Powers Police Force in the dark, where he had the advantage and happily snuck on people to eat them and gain their power only increasing his abilities and making him more dangerous. Each and every moment of this chase was wonderful, brilliantly shot and full of suspense and danger. This show is on a hell of a roll, and I don’t see it stopping any time soon.

Walking Dead S5 Ep10
This week we got to see a whole bunch of action that no-one was expecting quite so soon into the groups new life at Alexandria, but it made for a very emotionally draining issue. Carol found herself with anew friend, once again in the form of a child (Tie you to a tree child though) who it appears is being beaten by his father, and when Carol discovers this ultimately ends up going to Rick with one option on how to end this- and it isn’t going to be pretty. Also this episode we got to see Abraham finally relax and unleash the inner fury as he took out an entire heard of zombies with a mace and lead pipe in an attempt to save construction workers- and this heroics ultimately led to him being placed in charge of the group, and sees Ricks family gaining more power within the walls. However the real story this week was the first outing of Glenn, Noah, Tara and Eugene going out on their first supplies run; in an attempt to find power converters for Alexandria’s power grid before everything goes horribly wrong. Not only did we see the death of an Alexandria citizen  but we got the most horrific and brutal death of the entire show so far as Noah gets eaten alive by zombies against a glass revolving door while Glenn’s forced to watch; Yes this moment is as horribly to watch to as it sounds! However the only good to come out of this was the sudden ‘stepping up’ we see from Eugen as he carries Tara to safety while shooting zombies, something i never thought we would see. This was a great episode to show just how dangerous the outside world can be compared to Alexandria and just how dangerous Ricks group can be to those in Alexandria. Things are clearly going to reach a boiling point soon, and I’m truly excited to see how and when this occurs.


Amazing Spider-Man 16.1 (Marvel)
This issue sees the return of long time and veteran Spider-Man writer Gerry Conway returning to the scribe duties for the friendly wall crawler, and its as though he hasn’t missed a beat in the time he’s been away. Conway manages to weave a short tale that tells you just how Parker is feeling post Spider-Verse and how this massive event has truly take its toll on him, all while managing to build a tangled web of crime families within New York that are all vying for power. This issue features plenty of action for Spider-Man and a team up with Wraith that while short is exciting for the character changes it gives the Wraith and the possible changes it leaves open within underworld crime. Artistically the books looks good too, there are a few moments of odd angles for Spideys legs but when the action starts the artwork really kicks in to its best and the visuals are brilliant.

RAW 16/3
This weeks Raw took a step in the right direction, as it couldn’t be as bad as the weeks before. This week we got to see another amazing promo from Paul Heyman hyping the WrestleMania main event, and at this point Heyman is easily the best promo man in the business and watching him blur the lines between reality and the Reigns based story is great- if they filled the final hour with just Heyman talking I’d be thoroughly happy! We also got to see Orton and Rollins, well not really as the match never started as the authority sprang to attackOrton before Sting appeared while the lights were out and cleared the ring with Orton to further set-up the match between him and HHH at WrestleMania. This isn’t the best build for this match but seeing Sting in the ring at Raw is a very cool moment. Nikki Bella and AJ Lee also got a 10minute match this week that was actually well planned and paced and contained some good story telling for their upcoming tag team match- this is a real miracle given the WWE’s normal handling of women’s wrestling so it is definitely a welcome change that I hope stays. Other than this we got the regular 6man tag team match featuring the participants for the Intercontinental title and some more post match fighting until Barrett cleaned house and left with his gold. This wasnt the best show but it was easily an improvement over the last couple of weeks that we seen.


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S1 Ep1/2)
I checked this show out because my wife was keen to give it a go, and to be truly honest I was very pleasantly surprised by the enjoyment level of the first few episodes. The concept for the show sounds insane; Kimmy and 3other women were kidnapped by a cult leader who convinces them the apocalypse has occurred and their the only survivors as they live in an underground bunker before being rescued 15years later and then Kimmy decides to try to move and survive in New York. Ellie Kemper is brilliant in the leading role as she plays a truly unworldly wise 30year amazingly well with her odd saying and mannerism and her compete lack of knowledge around anything and everything technological. The show has a strong supporting cast too, as each and every character seems individual and the laughs arent belly rumbling but there certainly there in droves. I’m very interested in giving this more of a go.

Hulk #14 (Marvel)
This issue was an odd read and a strange turn for the story as we found out Hulk has hired Deadpool to find Ross, however Deadpool is also informing for Steve Rogers on the actions of the Hulk. Why has deadpool become the most trusted man in the MU all of a sudden? Aside from this we got to see the Hulk depower the Leader, however the newly named Gammon had been there first and the Leader retained his original gamma powers but lost the Red powers. Hulk is now going face to face with Ross again next issue and this should be an epic showdown.


Agents of Shield S2 Ep13
Once again this episode was very strong, we got to see Cal try to get himself a team of ‘villains’ together to get revenge on Shield and Coulson for taking Daisy/Skye away from him. Skyes evolution was also a focus this week, as we got to see her added to the ‘Index’ and as a result had to undergo a psyche evaluation to see if she poses a threat both physically as well as emotionally to the wider public and the world. Skye’s transformation has been a real shock to the team and this week we got to find out that Skye can’t control or turn off the shocks she has simply been turning them inwards as it resulted in her breaking both arms in 75 places- as a result of this we got to see Skye given her gauntlets that she wears in the comic books to help her focus and control the shocks more, this is a real positive as it means were moving closer and closer to seeing ‘Quake’ truly arrive in the MCU.  Cal and his rag-tag bunch were mainly unpowered risks, except for the inclusion of ‘Aggar the Screamer’ who had a really great moment of unleashing his scream and sending a whole field of students into a catatonic state and this moment was very good to see. However I do feel like Cals team were taken down to easily, but on the plus side we got to see Mockingbirds best fight scene to date, and the stand-off ended with the Blind Teleporter taking Cal away for ‘making too much noise’ and alluding to us seeing his boos very soon- and this is a truly great prospect as surely he must be InHuman?! The other exciting development this weeks was finding out that Mockingbird and Mack are working for the proper SHIELD??? What? Is this going to be a secret team under orders from Fury that’s headed up by Hawkeye, this is my theory and i really hope so as we know he’s on a mission in the buildup to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Chrononauts #1 (Image)
Mark Millar writes some very good books, however they do always seem ready for a screen adaptation in the way there presented with the heavy dialog and the wide framing before a small zoom in with no movement of characters- this isn’t a negative as the books look distinct and that really helps this title. The first issue was interesting we got to see the development and testing of the Chronosphere and technology while meeting the two main characters before the jump through the time stream and things go wrong. This was all we got today- but it was certainly exciting. However moving forward the book needs to have a look at how it is going to distance itself from Black science- as the themes are similar and Black Science is totally amazing.


Flash S1 Ep15
This weeks Flash was downright amazing superhero television as it gave us a huge amount of character development, great action and some reveals of powers and where the future storylines are going. This week we saw Barry trying to save Joe from being kidnapped and killed by a new power who has control over the weather- and boy was seeing him use these powers cool. However in between this we saw Cisco try to establish what was wrong the prison he built for the reverse Flash, as everyone had been slandering the name of Wells and Cisco got suspicious- its a this moment that the REverse Flash story really kicked into gear- as Wells arrives announces he’s the Reverse Flash and set Cisco up (also announcing Barry is key to him returning to his time) and then bad things happen to Cisco! All the while Barry is running superfast across the shore to prevent a monsoon arriving when he travels through time-Yes we finally get to see Barry realise that he can travel through time at will if his speed is high enough. This episode had everything we needed, and it truly delivered a great slice of television.

NXT 18/3
This weeks show came from outside of Full Sail university and as a result looked different and slightly odd for the first few minutes, but overall it was  nice to see the show in the road and another crowds positive reaction to the NXT style. This weeks main event saw Kevin Owens take on Alex Riley; and this went just as you would expect it saw Owens dominate Riley and score the pinfall, the post match beat down was then used to give us our first confrontation between Owens and Balor before next weeks clash- this one I am excited for. This week we also saw Big Cass and Enzo take a shot at the tag team champions without the gold on the line and lose due to a bump to Carmella- I sense her allegiance may well be changing in the future. The womens champion also got an outing this weeks that ending in a count out lose against Alexa Bliss- who as a result will get a title shot next week; and I don’t see this one ending so well for her. While the match itself wasnt as good as recent Banks matches it was still a good outing but Bliss does need some more time to develop. This weeks show wasnt amazing but was still a solid of wrestling with some very decent action.


Arrow S3 Ep16
This weeks show was better than the last few- I’m not sure if this was helped by the break its had or if the episode was just better (I’m going for the later) This week we got to see a new villain in the form of MurMur who has his mouth close shut to focus his mind, only by the end of the episode he had been caught so this clearly doesn’t work. Before this however we did get to see him tear through the ;police department with diamond tipped bullets to get revenge for his first prison sentence, and this was a pretty good moment. This episode also saw Oliver turn down the offer of being the next ‘Demon Head’ and thinking the Ra’s let him go and that’s the end of the conversation however as the end of the episode shows this clearly isn’t the case as Ra’s will get what he wills at any and all costs. We also saw Nyssa outcast from the League of Assassins and join Team Arrow- so this could be very interesting and also highly awkward in the end- but definitely fun to watch.


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