Short Thoughts 9-15March


Last week saw a lot of my regular television on a break- but also saw the launch of the PSN exclusive series Powers- based on the Bendis and Avon Oeming comic book, and I have to admit I was super excited to see this and it didn’t disappoint. But what else did I check out this week and review in 5minutes- well take a look.

Walking Dead
This weeks episode continued to showcase how out of touch the group have become to any kind of normal reality as we saw them trying to fit into the Alexandria civilisation while all the while plotting behind everyone’s back to make sure that there still strong and ready to overthrow the town if anything goes wrong. Seeing Rick pressed up against the wall at the end listening intently and possibly lovingly to the noise of the zombies shows just how far gone the group are now compared to others who havent been surviving outside. This was only further referenced by the discussion Carol had with a 9year old child- I love Carol but threatening to tie him to a tree and leave him for the walkers shows just how savage this group have become compared to the resident of Alexandria. Daryl had a big moment this week, bonding with Aaron and finding a role within the camp that should suit him and allows him to be himself while still providing some value to the group and it was totally heart warming to see Daryl look so happy. This was another slower episode that focused on development of the group within their new environment, but in no way did it not deliver as this was another exciting and tense character driven episode.


Thor #6 (Marvel)
This weeks Thor was another solid outing- that almost gave us the words uttered to the Odinson to make him unworthy, before pulling them away again. It also gave us a few more clues as to who the new Goddess of Thunder may be, and this is the real draw here- along with great stories right now. We also got to see Thors reaction to Jane Fosters current state of health, and this was a little heart breaking and its weird to see Odnson this way but its good for the evolution of his character. Aaron is doing a great job on this book and I recommend you start catching up now.

ROH 7/3
This was a solid show following on from the 13th Anniversary PPV, that featured the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament and great tag team main event and a decent tag team opener. The top prospect match was a great showing for both Donovan Dijak and Will Ferrara and both of these men should see a rise in their stock following this performance and I honestly don’t feel like Dijak winning was a shock as this was clearly the right call from the beginning- however Ferrara has really shown himself to be a great up and coming talent that could overshine Dijak in 24months time. The main event between RedDragon and the Decade was a great example of tag team wrestling too, not as great as RedDragon and Young Bucks but was well worthy of the main event of a televised show. This was a good show that featured some great matches, it didn’t move anything along post the PPV but it did deliver exciting and entertaining wrestling; and isn’t this what its all about.


Raw 9/3
This weeks Raw was a completely awful show that seemed to move matches forward at a weird and disjointed pace aswell as with no real story or effort. We got to see 3muddled tag team matches with odd winners in an attempt to start to set-up the fatal 4way that will inevitably be taking place for the tag team titles come WrestleMania- but this was so badly done that it left me scratching my head. Not only that but we got the same intercontinental title mess we’ve had for the last 2shows with everyone brawling while R-Truth (who is enjoyable right now) steals the title away and runs off, it madde no logical sense to repeat this for the third time. We got a video package from Sting that was so badly voiced over/altered it didn’t sound like him and as a result I paid no attention to what was said as i was distracted by trying to work out what they had done to the audio. We also got John Cena destroy Rusev in 30seconds and make him pass out before waking him up and locking him the worst looking STF ever again- so Lana gives him his match, making Cena the biggest heel on the roster (only not officially). We got the revenge of Orton on this show too, which means what are they now fighting for at WrestleMania- because shouldnt Randy have got his revenge there? The only saving grace this week was the absolutely amazing promo from Paul Heyman- who by now should be th top paid star in the company as he is the only thing keeping the main event of their biggest yearly show watchable. We also got the Undertaker accepting Wyatts challenge, and Wyatt did a good job of selling the semi-hockey Undertaker acceptance but this was still a cool moment. Overall this show was very bad this week, and I wouldn’t go out of your way to watch an hr of it never mind the full3.

Star Wars #3 (Marvel)
This issue picks up right where issue2 left off, with our heroes attempting to escape the soon to explode weapons factory in the cockpit of an AT-AT trying to battle their way back to the Millenium Falcon. However things don’t go as planned, as Vader appears to take down the AT-AT along with half an army- and this is only stopped by the reappearance and bravery of the less than skillfully trained Skywalker going back into the factory to try to finally destroy this before they leave the planet; this provides enough of a distraction that Vader follows allowing the others to escape and circle back to collect Luke. This issue is brilliantly written as the banter between Han and Leia is the best its always been (think Episode V: Empire Strikes Back) and Cassaday has done an amazing job with the art to the point that every panel looks fresh and lively while really allowing you to see what action is taking place and feel as though your there. Marvel is continuing its role of delivering great tales from the Star Wars universe.


Powers S1 Ep1/2 & 3
This was not what I was expecting- I knew coming in that everyone was going to look different so i expected some very different takes on the characters but what we got was a complete replication of the characters from the comic book that I love. This so far has been amazingly well done, the scenes are all shot like comic book panels- not too obviously like Ang Lee’s Hulk, but it’s there and the dialog is very reminiscent of the original Powers series. Add to this a great cast where Sharlto Copley shines as Christian Walker and really has the tragic yet heroic traits delivered brilliantly and Eddie Izzard as the villainous Wolf was genius casting as he looks, sounds and just oozes the evil he should. The first episode gives us a great introduction to the world before episode two delivers the villain in the piece; Johnny Royale and shows us how he is connected to Walker and the kinds of chaos he can cause along with how badly treated the Powers of the world can truly be. This show so far has been a must watch for anyone who is a fan of comic book shows- it’s certainly more mature as it should be and that gives it a very exciting feel and a very unique look at superheroes. The third episode adds a real change to the characters as we get to see Power Girl out in public and the effect that she has on others, while at the same time we get to see where Royale is getting his drugs from and the first stages of a rejuvenation within Wolf that can only mean bad things for the future of the Powers in the world. This show does dark and emotional so well, that you really can’t take your eyes away for a moment of it and cant help but feel for Walker ever time he mentions powers and his former life.

NXT 11/3
This weeks NXT was not a great show, but was still a very good one hour of televised wrestling- that featured a good main event between Itami and Breeze that while being a good match wasnt as great as their PPV effort from Rivals.This weeks also saw more divas time than Raw itself and that was between Bliss and Carmella who are at the bottom of the division- so if NXT can shwcase its womans wrestling this well then why can’t the main roster showcase thier division this way when they have much more free time. We also saw a good tag team match this week, and the return of Alex Riley to the ring. Riley looked good, but not great given the time he hs had to prepare for this but in all honesty he has to be feed to Owens in the end either way and giving us this next week may not be the worst idea so that Owens can look to move onto Balor.

Ant Man #3 (Marvel)
This book had an amazing first issue, a decent second issue and a very entertaining third with this book. Marvel has ut alot of stock in Ant Man over the last few years, and this book is showing just how good Scott Lang can be as Ant Man with his drive to prove that he is a hero and that he can be there for his family after returning from his death. This book also sees just how low down the superhero scale Ant Man is as Task Master spends his time laughing off the idea that their arch nemesis’ while Ant Man is convinced of this, but its the twist at the end of this issue that is shocking and surprising. This book is worth the read so far in the first 3issues, and this issue was a step forward from the slow pace and meandering story telling of the last to a pace and creative idea more like the stunning first issue.

background (3)

Amazing Spider-Man #16 (Marvel)
Slott continues to do great things with the wall crawler even post Spider-Verse where I thought the book may slow down and take some time out, but not this time around as we move straight into the next phase of life for Parker. The introduction of sabotage towards Parker industries is great as this gives Parker a direct threat and not his alter ego Spider-Man and its stories like this that Slott can really excel at, add to this the character of Ghost (A personal favourite of mine since Thunderbolts) and this story should definitely be one that is choked full of excitement and spider based action as we move forward. THe side stroy with Black CAt was also massively interesting- and this sound be really fun moving forward.

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