DC unveil ‘New’ Batman


Scott Snyder has done amazing things with his Batman run, since he took over in September 2011 and this was due to come to a close with the final issue of the current ‘Endgame’ series but Snyder and Dc have announced both he and Greg Capullo will return with an all new Batman.

DC’s solicitation for June’s Batman #41 reads:

“The all-new Batman makes his debut! Who is he, and what happens next? Find out here as a new era begins in Gotham City!”


I have to say this is definitely a new Batman, but in all honesty im not sold on the look at all. I don’t mind some alternative Batman’s with Jean Paul-Valley being my favourite as Azrael, but this just doesn’t seem right. However Snyder has done no wrong so far, and had this to say on the idea:

“Well, it’s true that you’ve never seen it. It’s definitely the wackiest thing we’ve every tried. It’s basically the story where I thought, “If I ever do a story out of continuity, I’d love to do this. But there’s no way I can change the mythology to a degree that I could get to this story.” But…here we are. And the thing I love is that it will allow me to explore the characters from angles that are entirely new. There are two characters the story really focuses on, and they’re both in positions where radical, radical changes affect their status quo. And this will allow me to explore the Bat-world in really, really vibrant perspectives.”

When asked, “Can we safely assume that one of these two characters is Bruce Wayne?”

“I don’t want to say. [Laughs] I don’t want to say! I know this is a new level of coy, but I will say that the mythology will be radically reinterpreted and stretched in a different way. [2014’s] “Endgame” was designed to be my last story on Batman, but if I stayed after “Endgame,” it needed to be transformative, where everything was put aside and reinvented. It’s going to be a new cast. I can say we’re going to bring in characters you haven’t seen in Batman before. We’re also going to play a lot with a lot of the other books—characters from We Are Robin and Batgirl are in the book. You’re going to see Harper and Cullen, characters we’ve created. And there will be a really different feel to it. We actually toyed with the idea of just calling it “All-New Batman”for a while, because it is that different. I can also tell you it’s going to be all-new villains. I want to go back to the spirit we had when we were creating Court of Owls, where there’s new villains, new threats, new cast.”

I guess time will tell.


One thought on “DC unveil ‘New’ Batman

  1. Will be interesting to see what this all new Batman will be like. This new look suit has certainly had a bit of mixed reaction. Snyder and Capullo haven’t let us down so far, so I’m optimistic the new arc & look will be good.

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