Why the ‘Justice League’ Movies Have Already Failed

Funk's House of Geekery

In the past few weeks we’ve had the first pictures of our new big screen versions of Aquaman, TV’s new Supergirl and casting for Suicide Squad. DC are putting all their cards on the table and bet. But as much as we love these characters and their big screen potential, they have to stop what they’re doing. Here’s why.

They’re More Focused on the Bank Than the Product

One of the reasons why The Avengers made all of the money in the world is because their creative team are invested in making the best possible version of the characters and story for the big screen. Iron Man was hardly on an unlimited budget. Fraveau was an indie director with a vision for the adaption, Robert Downey Jr. was better known for his stints in rehab than his acting, the cast were ad-libbing from an incomplete script and almost everything…

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