Weekly Reccomendation: Gotham By Midnight


This weeks recommendation is a relatively new comic book that is currently only four issues into it run, but those four issues have been great fun to read and have some great visuals. Its rare I pick a new book to recommend but this one has definitely earned my respects for the way it delivers scary tales of the paranormal world in Gotham City, and there’s still time for you jump on at the beginning so let’s get going.

Gotham by Midnight was one of the many titles towards the end of 2014 to be released that expanded the amount of nooks based with Gotham city and within the world of Batman mythology, and to be honest I had no plans to check out any expanded Gotham tales until I saw the creative team for this book; Ray Fawkes on the writing duties and Ben Templesmith (one of my all time favourites) was handling the artwork. Once I saw the creative team and heard the official synopsis for the book, there was no way that I was going to pass up a chance to read this, and I couldn’t be happier that I took the chance.

The book features a team of GCPD officer put together specifically by Jim Gordon to investigate the occult occurences within Gotham, as the city “is a place where monster walk and horror dwells” and only Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) could possible deal with some of the threats that are present. Right from the beginning of the series it was clear this book was going to give us a very different Gotham full of scary monsters, paranormal murders and kidnappings and a really dark team of heroes that try to save the city and its downtrodden citizens. This approach is great as each member of the team is introduced you slowly find out that they’ve all got personal experience with the paranormal that has helped force them into the team, and that each of them has a reason for doing what they do best.


The artwork style is a massive draw for this book too- as with everything that is drawn by Templesmith the style is sketchy, wild and downright dark while at the same time being easy to understand and easily focus on the key details being portrayed. The colours used really help to give the book a very different feel to the regular titles set within Gotham, as this looks dark and menacing and very reminiscent of a town more ‘Silent Hill’ like and full of nightmarish alleys and swamps and creatures than the regularly depicted run down but not necessarily oozing evil from every crevice Gotham that were used too. To be 100% honest the only reason you remember this is Gotham during the book is because of the title and the subtitles otherwise this book could easily be set somewhere far away and much more demonic, and this really helps add to the success of the book.

So far the stories have delivered a single case within each issue, although they are all connected and appear to be building up to a much bigger threat arriving within Gotham from the bowls of a very dark place that is sure to give the city something to be truly afraid of both in the day time and especially in the dark. The story work has been superb as none of the stories have felt rushed or lacking in development, and this is a real testament to the way Fawkes has fleshed out the threats and the lead characters. Each story has been just as creepy as they are engaging, with some paranormal activity that is genuine scary to think of and most definitely scary to see, this partnership has been really working.

If you love your books, dark, moody, gritty and downright creepy this is the title for you- but as ive already stressed this book also has a huge amount of quality writing behind it that only seems to be getting better. Get on board now and enjoy the scary ride.


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