Thought Bubble: Marvels Cinematic Universe Spider-Man


Recently Marvel announced that they have reached a deal with Sony to bring Spider-man into the Marvel cinematic universe, and the resounding cheers of nerds across the word could literally be heard (myself included) but what Should Marvel do with the Web Crawler now? Well lets take a look

Spider-Man is one of Marvels longest standing and most popular characters, and the fact that he has been absent from the combined Marvel universe has had fans disappointed since the huge success of the entire Phase 1 movie release from Marvel, but all that has now changed as long as Marvel can do a great job with all the expectation that is on their shoulders. The fact Marvel have shifted all the dates of their Phase 3 movies backwards (all listed here) which only helps to show how serious they are at getting the web crawler added into the universe as soon as possible, there is simply no way that while announcing the deal they were planning on announcing the delay to future movies for any other reason. But what should Marvel do with the web crawler?

To start with Marvel need to seriously consider which version of Spider-Man they choose to use, just like the did with the Avengers- who are a nice mix of the ‘Ultimate Universe costumes’ along with the regular 616 universe characters. This leaves Marvel with a do we use Peter Parker or Miles Morales dilemma, and while I’m a huge fan of Peter Parker and would love to see him swing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe the better call here may well be Miles Morales. Fans have seen the origin story of Peter Parker on multiple occasions over the last 15years on the big screen and have no real desire to see Parker bitten by a radioactive spider and then struggle with his new powers again until the death of Uncle Ben. The best way to get around this, is simply to go with a real change here and pick the Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man (at least after the death of Parker) and let the cinematic universe get to grips with a new and very different web slinger.

Miles Morales first appeared in Ultimate Fallout #4 (August 2011), and is a  teenager of Black Hispanic descent and got his powers in a very similar way; a spider bite from a creature created by Oscorp in an attempt to replicate the powers of Peter Parker. While having the majority of the same powers as Parker he also has two abilities that the original Spider-Man did not have, the ability to camouflage himself, including his clothing, matches that of his surroundings,and an electrical “venom strike” that can paralyze almost anyone with just a touch, including the electrically powered Electro. Seeing these play out on the screen could be alot of fun! Obviously this origin would need to be tailored as having Parker mentioned but already dead would make no real sense, but neither does a true origin story so Marvel may be best to avoid telling us the back story on-screen and merely have it mentioned by Morales himself throughout the original screen time; very similar to the origin of Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as this worked wonderfully.


Morales still has the same moral dilemmas under the outfit as Parker, only his are more about whether being a criminal and villain are hardwired into his DNA; as members of his family have spent time in prison as opposed to Parkers need to protect those he loves, but both of these give our characters a real sense that being a hero is truly important and this could play wonderfully into the Civil War storyline if Morales is the main choice. As having him have to choose a side and the reason he does this would brilliantly with his desire to not be a villain and to be a hero and stand for more in the world than others think is possible. I think adding a younger character to the cast would also add some brilliant dynamics between Spider-Man and Captain America for example who could see him as someone who needs protecting and guiding; which could also lead to a whole new team of Avengers should the team need recasting or changing in the near future.

Marvel also need to consider an origin story, as I mentioned above I don’t feel we need to see the full origin of Spider-Man as everyone is aware of how he gained his powers and how this worked out for him. So if Parker is chosen to be the web slinger merely throw him straight into the MCU with no real introduction until he arrives on the screen, or even have him shown in a post credit scene or mentioned in an episode of Agents of SHIELD but please Marvel no more origin stories for one of pop cultures best known superheroes. Miles Morales may provide a more difficult introduction process but the above process would  still work, have him appear in SHIELD, or even the Defenders as there based in the same city and let’s go from there straight into the superhero appearance and a few little flashbacks would suffice to let us all know about the character rather than 35-40minutes of back story that isn’t really needed as e can learn about his motivations and his character as he moves along. In short we don’t need an origin story Marvel, so please don’t force us to see it again!

Either choice that Marvel make, Parker or Morales is filled with difficulty but one fit seems more logical in the cinematic universe than the other; and as sad as I am to say it Morales seems to fit much better. He’s a fresh character that hasn’t been done multiple times over recent years, he has a cooler looking costume (at least for the MCU- but give me the red and blue any day), he’s a younger Spider-Man giving the character more longevity on the screen and he could give Marvel their first real young hero from an ethnic background. Miles seems like the logical choice here, and a lot of the speculation also seems to point to this and while I will miss Parker this isn’t necessarily a bad choice for Marvel.



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