WWE Fastlane Predictions


WWE Fastlane takes place for the first time tonight, and while the card doesn’t look amazing and there are some really noticeable top talents missing (Wyatt, Lesnar) with this being the final PPV before WrestleMania I’m expecting the company to pull out all the stops. Either way here as a look at each match and my predictions for the winners

The PPV card is as follows;
Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show
Goldust vs. Stardust
Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett (Intercontinental Championship)
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. The Usos (Tag Team Championship)
Paige vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship)
Rusev vs. John Cena (United States Championship)
Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns (winner main events WrestleMania)

6man Tag Team Match

images (6)This match has been added last-minute thanks to the ending of Smack down this week, where the faces got an all mighty beat down thanks to Rollins and the Authority supporters. As unexciting as it is to see both Big Show and Kane this high up the card in 2015, its nice to see Ziggler added to the show even if this isn’t the best match to do it in or the best way to showcase his skills. The same can easily be said for the addition of Rollins to this match as the entire match feels like a step backwards from recent months to the Survivor Series teams event, rather than an evolution of either top talent in the match. With that being said I expect at least Ziggler and Rollins to shine before the faces get their revenge for recent beatdowns: Orton return anyone with an RKO out of nowhere??!

Winner: The team of Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback


Goldust Vs Stardust

images (5)This match seems like its been rushed to slightly, and I still think the final payoff for this will feature at WrestleMania where Dustin Rhodes walks away from in ring action, so with that being said I fully expect tonight’s match to be a good setup to this eventual showdown. Gold dust was easily at his best in 2014 when teaming with the under utilized Cody so this match does have the potential to be a surprise hit. Both characters are massively over, although Cody’s future is better without the gimmick so picking a winner here is a difficult task. I can see the WWE giving us a non finish here, so that this can continue for another month- but as i have to pick im going with Stardust.

Winner: Stardust


Dean Ambrose Vs Bad News Barrett (Intercontinental Championship)

download (3)The build to this match could have been much better given the two parties, and I have no idea how the contract signing is legal! But with all this aside the actual title seems to be a curse at the moment as all its recent holders do is loose match after match- and given the fact these two are stars it’s a real shame that their feuding over a title that the WWE themselves couldn’t care less about. I mean all Barrett has done sine winning the title is loose, and Ambrose until the last 2weeks has also been a losing streak so there’s no real momentum here for either man outside of the last 2weeks. With that being said the two men can deliver in the ring and this should be fun to watch.

Winner: “I’m Afraid I’ve Got Some Bad News Barrett” BNB Retains


Cesaro & Kidd Vs The Uso’s (Tag Team Championship)

images (7)These two teams are easily the best two teams within the WWE right now, and the fact that there both red-hot right now is great- it shows how much the WWE has really ficused on its Tag Team division within recent months and that’s only a positive. Cesaro and KIdd also appear to be the best thing within the division as of late but it seems to early to make the big switch and pull the trigger on this team given the significance it would hold if it happened next month at the biggest show on the earth (WWE slogan not mine) And for that reason I see the Uso’s walking out with the gold tonight.

Winners: The Uso’s 


Paige Vs Nikki Bella (Diva’s Championship)

download (2)This match should signify the beginning of a real change within the WWE as they seem to have finally decided that Paige should be focused more heavily within the current programming; and she is easily one of the most capable divas on the main roster so this is a good move. However the WWE havent really made this a real feud, as it basically consists of Paige winning matches while the Bellas talk trash on commentary and then jump in the ring to pounce and beat Paige down. For that reason and the fact the WWE seem very keen on the Bellas (No idea why?) it seems to shout that the regular diva booking will take place and give both competitors less than 10minutes to deliver a match where we see Brie get involved and Nikki retain.

Winner: Unfortunately Nikki Bella


John Cena Vs Rusev (US Championship)

download (1)Rusev has been a true roll being the only man on the roster to never have been pinned or submitted, which therefore makes feuding him with John Cena tragic for one big reason: it’s not a case of ‘if’ but ‘When’ Cena beats Rusev as he beats everyone he feuds with and this isnt going to change anytime soon. However that being said the loss of Rusev is a big money moment and a truly huge thing so I can only see this happening at WrestleMania- but i would love it to be someone new and fresh or in need of a legitimate win to push them up the card. For that reason Rusev will walk out of here somehow tonight without taking a pinfall or submission as the winner, and continue to carry the gold and the title of ‘unpinned’ for at least 4more weeks. This could be a great match, both men can go in the ring and Rusev delivers some amazing;ly high impact offense that Cena can sell well and Rusev will look dominant with Cena managing to hit his 5power move comeback making the near falls exciting.

Winner: Rusev


Daniel Bryan Vs Roman Reigns

images (4)This is the most intriguing of picks for me as the WWE has really backed themselves into a corner here again- just like they did at the rumble. They said “Reigns is our man” and he won the rumble then when it all was said and ‘booed’ out of the building they seemed to try to appease fans by adding Bryan back to the mix giving fans the hope he will go onto to meet the Beast. So should Bryan win we get the big moment, but the whole backing of Reigns was for nothing and the Rumbles guaranteed main event spot needs to be thrown away in the future. Conversely should Reigns win and the fans will turn on him entirely and he’ll need to be turned heel to go against the beast as the fans will boo him every time he even gets mentioned. Either way this match has the potential to be decent, I’m fully aware the Reigns in ring moveset ifs excessively limited but Bryan is a true ring general and should be able to pull him through to the point hue hits his big spots for some power moments; and we all know that Bryan is more than technically proficient and can easily turn a crowd in a few moments. My pick here tho is:

Winner: Reigns- WWE sticks with its plan and just admits it needs to turn Reigns heel and moves forward leaving his meeting with the Beast a certainty and Bryans Mania plans unsure.

As a bonus tonight we also get to see HHH go face-face with Sting- and im hoping Sting does nothing but stay silent and point at the WrestleMania sign with his bat to set up the match. I really don’t wat to see him talking here, but only time will give us this answer.

images (8)



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