Weekly Recommendation: Spider-Man Unlimited


This weeks recommendation takes the form of a mobile game (only my second ever mobile recommendation) and while i find myself ditching most mobile games in a few hours of play- except Guardians of the Galaxy TUW- this game has kept me hooked in 15minute spells for the best part of this week, all week!

recommendationSpider-Man Unlimited is  basic infinite running game, where the obstacle is to keep your character alive for as long as possible while avoiding objects and smashing through the bad guys- sounds boring i know but it most definitely isn’t as this game has a host of features that help make things much more exciting than that.

The really big draw for this game is the entire roster of ‘Spiders’ that are available for you to play with: Spider-Man, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Iron Spider, Bag-Man, Big Time Spider-Man, ’90s Scarlet Spider, Modern Scarlet Spider, Captain Universe Spider-Man and Ends of the Earth Spider-Man. Add to this the recent update featuring a host of the ‘Spiders’ from the exceptionally good Spider-Verse series such as SpiderPunk, Silk, Ashley Barton Sidergirl, Spider UK and Superior Spiderman and the list of characters that you can run with and collect (im obsessed with trying to get my favourites) is growing by the week and looking good.

The gameplay has a few tweaks to the regular runner game to keep things interesting as you would expect with Spider-Man you also get to wall crawl and web sling. These are two of the more exciting elements to the game as they require a completely different method of control to the regular screen swiping of the running. The wall crawling requires you to tilt your device side to side and the webslinging requires you to tap and hold the screen to swing higher and merely leave the screen alone to fall- the real beauty is how the game switches between these three modes and forces you to think fast for the control method before you die very quickly.


With the update also came Event specific modes, so each day has had a task for you to complete from defeating a set number of villains to web slinging for a certain distance over the course of multiple runs throughout the days. Each of these task provides you with a set number of vials(used to bring basic Spiders through to your team) or ‘ISO8’ which can be used to continue your runs if you die, buy premium Spiders or minor boosts for each run. Each Spider also has a unique ability, some add buffs to the value of each vial you collect, while others add extra score to basic running points that you achieve all of which can be useful to help you complete certain daily and event tasks so keeping the biggest hoard of Spiders you can only helps.

The game also has a story mode that incorporates the ‘Sinister Six’ and a big batch of villains from the comic books, and requires a real host of time to get through as you can only access certain levels with specific ‘Spiders’ or with spiders of a higher level and this keeps you playing the ‘Unlimited mode’ aswell as the story to get yourself to those levels. The leveling system is also fair as you gain XP from each run, but can also level up using old or weaker Spiders to improve your better characters. When you look at the top characters this would take forever to get (or a ton of cash) but the goal for me is one full level 100 Spider.

Gameloft have done a great job with this title, as the incentive to play just grows the more you collect different Spiders, and the ease with which you can pick up the game- but the time it takes to master are perfect. This is definitely a game I will be going back to again and again with a spare 15minutes here and there.


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