10 Reasons Why ‘Constantine’ Deserves a Second Season  

Sublime Zoo

Or, you know, a full season order.

You know, if that 13 episode stopping point wasn’t obvious enough.

It’s been a cut throat TV season. Whereas you have shows like Arrow, The Flash, and the entirety of Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday lineup that got renewed without question, shows like Bad Judge, Selfie (a shittily named, yet underrated show), and many others were cut way before their time.

And then you have shows that are stuck in TV limbo—which TV aficionados affectionately call the bubble—Constantine.


Constantine was NBC’s attempt to get in on TV’s influx of superhero-based TV shows. And, frankly, I am willing to call that attempt a success. Having said that, it appears that NBC is having second thoughts about giving this show a second season. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to explain why Constantine

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