Comic Book Picks 14 Jan’15


Wednesday is nearly upon us now, and that means that we get a whole host of new comic books to get our hands on and thoroughly enjoy having a good read. But what is out there this weeks that’s worth casting your eyes  over- well here are my picks for the week.

Star Wars #1


Official Synopsis: Luke Skywalker and the ragtag band of rebels fighting against the Galactic Empire are fresh off their biggest victory yet—the destruction of the massive battle station known as the Death Star. But the Empire’s not toppled yet! Join Luke along with Princess Leia, smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca, droids C-3PO and R2-D2 and the rest of the Rebel Alliance as they strike out for freedom against the evil forces of Darth Vader and his master, the Emperor. Written by Jason Aaron (Original Sin, Thor: God of Thunder) and with art by John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny Avengers), this is the Star Wars saga as only Marvel Comics could make it!

Why it’s a Pick: Star Wars has always been a hot property regardless of the media format that it takes, and with the switch from Dark Horse comics to Marvel the title has never been in a bigger spotlight- as the mainstream media has been all over this. The fact that Marvel has two of its biggest creators on this should also tell you how important they feel this acquisition this. I’m looking forward to seeing Cassaday draw some of pop cultures biggest characters, as his artwork always looks amazing and seeing Aaron enter the world of Star Wars should also be a thrilling experience, as he has consistently delivered great stories over the last few years that are very character driven.

Avengers #40


Official Synopsis: IN 4 MONTHS…TIME RUNS OUT!

Why it’s a Pick: ‘Time Runs Out’ has given us some very good character work and continues to really deliver on the story elements that Hickman has sewn throughout his entire run on the Avengers- and that has me excited for a huge finale. Caselli has also delivered some of the best pencil work he has ever delivered on this title, and these two aspects combined have made this a great story- that’s before you mention the changing of teams and agendas of everybody who is involved. This issue looks to promise us the involvement of Thanos too- and any story that features the ‘Mad Titan’ prominently is bound to be worth a read.

Spider-Verse #2 (of2)



Why it’s a Pick: Lets be honest, Spider-Verse has been massive and exciting so far and has been a great tale despite my initial feelings that this would just be a way to showcase a lot of Spider-Men and have no story. Dan Slott has truly delivered an epic feeling story with action that still feels like it has a purpose and meaning- and that so far hasn’t had any chapters/issues that feel meaningless in the grand scheme of the story. This book does however sound like a fun way to add a whole host of Spider-Men to the tale, but im hopeful that just like ‘Edge of Spider-verse’ these will be meaningful and impact the main story.

Book of the Week:


I’m not sure how I could recommend anything else this week- as this Universe is so beloved and the characters are undyingly popular it has to be the most exciting relaunch in a few years.


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