Short Thoughts: 1-5th January’15

short thoughts

Hi all, and welcome to my first Short Thoughts article of the New Year which will be shorter than the regular column as 90% of my regular watching is on th dreaded mid-season break. Why at christmas do we get less television but more time off- Arghh! Either way here’s what I’ve seen over this period and my thoughts

The Babadook

I’ve already written an article on my thoughts on this movie this week (Seen here), but this movie is easily the best horro film released in 2014 and potentially the last 5years. The movie focuses heavily on the two key characters and their relationship as mother and son, and then uses the ‘Babadook’ as a scary force that is trying to break them apart- or so it seems. The movie is low-budget but doesn’t for a minute look that way as the usage of camera angles and a small cast really helps this movie develop an emotional tie to the viewer before it delivers on the scares and the tension.

The acting is amazing, especially from Noah Wiseman who plays Samuel (a 10year old boy) and its these performances that bring home the horror and the desperation of the situation at hand all while seemingly being believable. The ending is great too as it makes sense, but still requires you to think about it and logically process it just like the rest of the film. This is a truly great movie that i cant say enough good things about.


The Interview

This movie has created a huge stir everywhere, mainly thanks to the hacking of Sony at the hands of a North Korean group who were trying to stop the films release and even threatened to kill movie goers should it get the scheduled release. Sony originally backed down, but then released the movie digitally on the intended day instead saving potential movie goers while still giving them the chance to see the film.

The movie is exactly what you would expect from James Franco and Seth Rogan- its a hilarious parody full of great character, and amazing performance from Franco, sexual references and over the top yet short action sequences. Franco is easily the best thing about the movie as he displays another layer to his comedy skills- delivering a totally insane performance that works wonderfully and really helps him lead this film. His interactions with a sly and devise Kim Jun Un are brilliant and couldn’t come across any funnier on-screen, seeing KJU depicted like he is just hilarious as it couldn’t be further from the truth but that’s the whole reason this works as he switches from comedic to dictator in the finale so fast its amazing to see.

This film is definitely one that should be watched purely to see what all the chaos has been about and because it does stand on its own two feet as a good comedy movie.


NXT- 1/1/15

NXT was the first WWE programme to be shown in the new year, and as always it didn’t disappoint. NXT has very quickly become the must watch show of all of the WWE programming, and continues to improve as the roster grows and gets more and more established stars. This weeks show was minus Neville, Zayn and Breeze but still felt like it featured top talent- mainly because it did. We got to see the first physical altercation between Baron Corbin and Bull Dempsey and this has been built up to mean something, and the possibility of the match is a real positive and something im looking forward to seeing. We also got a main event that featured the Ascension Vs Finn Balor & Hideo Itami in what was a good television match between the two teams who met at REvolution and continued to showcase just how good Balor and Itami can be while sewing the seeds for the Ascensions continued move to the main roster. We also got segments featuring Charlotte and Sasha Banks, Kevin Owens and a video from Zayn on his condition along with a post match beat down on the Lucha Dragons by The Vaudevillians that was great. This was a good wrestling show that continues to deliver quality story telling and good action.


Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

I wasnt really sure what to expect going into this show, as all i knew about it was that it’s a parody of Agatha Christy and features Agatha Raisin who is a frustrated, yet endearing, middle-aged public-relations agent who moved from London to Carsely in the Cotswolds when she sold her public-relations firm in Mayfair and took early retirement. And ends up solving murders inadvertently or is involved in the case somehow and feels the desire to clear her name. I was hoping it would be good, as the books are well-known and parodies are usually pretty funny if you know the original material.

However I found this show had an odd pacing to it- it started by introducing us to how brilliant Agatha was at her job before she retired and moved to the village, and then from there onwards we got very little character development other than finding out she tries desperately hard to fit in and be liked. The murder took a long time to arrive and when it did it was obvious who had committed this and despite a few red herrings you never felt anyone else had committed the crime- and you were even told it was her on numerous occasions by characters.

The show was funny in moments, but there were too few and far between for this to be something I recommend you go ou of your way to check out, and im not even sure at this point I would check out anymore 2hour shows of this if they get made.


Well that’s it for this week the Christmas break has killed television and kept me busy. But this week everything almost returns so it should be a full slate to review next week.


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