Short Thoughts (Dec8-14th)

short thoughts

Well another week has come and gone, and this one contained the end to one of my favourite shows (Sons of Anarchy) along with a host of mid-season finales and wrestling PPV’s. Want to see what i though of it all, then let’s get too it…..

ROH Final Battle 2014
This was the final PPV to be produced by ROH this year, and had a very good card featuring stars such as Jay Briscoe, Adam Cole, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, ACH, Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong and Adam Page amongst others. This show featured some great match-ups all throughout the card, from the opening 4way matchup and the preceding Roderick Strong Vs Adam Page match-up to the highly entertaining Young Bucks&ACH Vs The Addiction&Cedric Alexander everything on the card is worth a watch. The ROH World Television title match between Jay Lethal and Matt Sydall was a really good back and forth match between the two that helps to show why Jay Lethal may be one of the best independent wrestlers on the scene today. Then there’s the Briscoe and Cole main event, which was a brutal and shocking affair that shows how far these two are willing to go for the company. This is a show that should be seen by wrestling fans, as you wont find a better introduction to ROH than this.

Raw- Slammy Awards 10/12/14
This weeks Raw was easily the poorest of the year, and this wasnt necessarily due to poor story telling or bad in ring action but simply down to the fact that the pacing of the show seemed very off and odd- leading to watching the 3hours becoming more taxing than enjoyable. Most of this was caused by the addition of the Slammy awards, as we would have a wrestler entrance followed by the slammy nominees announced, a commercial, the next wrestler entrance and the award winner before we got the match- it was very odd format that left everything feeling slow and out of sync. We also got Bray Wyatt interupt Paul Heyman and I got really excited to see these two go at each other verbally, but unfortunately it was just more timing leading to Wyatt entering the ring. There was some good in ring action, but overall the show felt very flat except for what should have been its shining moment: The debut of Charlotte. The fans treated this as a huge thing immediately getting behind her and constantly shouting “Wooooo.” However WWE quickly extinguished any spark by giving us a 4minute throw away match that led to Charlotte losing via a roll-up! Yes they gave their best new diva’s prospect a great opponent but only 4minutes with a crap finish- this is not how you build a new star that the fans immediately loved. This moment summed up the entire show, everything was just wrong this week and badly wrong at that.

Agents of SHIELD- S2 Ep10 What They Become
This was the mid-season finale of what has been a very good start to the second season of this show, and this one really delivered. THe episode wrapped up most of the threads that have been given to us over the first half of this season including Whitehall and his plans, what the temple means/will do and whether or not Ward can be truly trusted. The Whitehall end was a little fast for a man who has been the head of Hydra this season, but was satisfying none the less as it took a back seat to Skye and her Fathers first real meeting that was brilliantly done as it contained equal parts emotion and terror as her dad rapidly and unpredictably changed his emotions as we’ve seen before. This moment was one of the best of the show this week, as seeing them together felt right at times and then Skye father would flip and you weren’t sure what he would do next.
However the end of the episode gave us what we all wanted- InHumans!!!!!!!!!!Yes we finally got to see the Terrigen mists released as Skye and Reina stood in the centre of the temple and the obelisk was placed in its rightful holder. We then got a small taste of the power it had given Skye (Real name Daisy) and what physical changes it had made to Reina, add to that the appearance of another InHuman and obelisk post credits and the shows has a hell of a second half to this season on the way.

Flash- S1 Ep9 The Man in the Yellow Suit
This was the mid-season finale of what has been a very good start for a brand new hatchling of a comic book based superhero show, as these tend to take a while to find their feet- but Flash seems to have come straight out of the gate with a huge amount of positives behind it. This show continued the threads of the ‘Reverse Flash’ and delivered our first real episode featuring a long look at the character, and boy did we get some good moments. We got the first clash between the two that truly showed just how much stronger the Reverse Flash currently is than Barry, and the stark differences in the way they hold and mange themselves as Reverse Flash was clearly going out of his way to get what he wants. The confrontation between the two was great as we got to see what the Flash’s adversary is capable of, and we also got the seed planted that maybe a good speeder was there at the death of his mom- time travel is being explored finally! We all know the flash is fast enough when his powers develop so hinting at this now is good.
We also got to see the first real usage of Firestorms powers, which was nice as he could be a big time player in the later half of the season- but doesn’t Robbie Amell look oddly just like Stephen Amell.
This was a good mid-season finale that didn’t suffer from villain of the week as the Reverse Flash seems to have been the key element of the show so far- and finally getting a semi reveal (post credits) was a great ending shot for the break.

Sons of Anarchy- S7 Ep13 Papa’s Goods
Well this was it, the final ever episode of one of the best shows to grace television screens in the last 10years and it didn’t disappoint at all. The show offered possible its biggest and most brutally emotion episode of the entire 7series and that’s saying something, but this episode was heart wrenching from the beginning to the end yet at the same time was somehow satisfying and delivered a truly suitable ending for the series.
This is a difficult episode to sum up in a short thought period- as there is so much going on and that i want to say (I May fully blog this later) but the key aspects of the entire series were summed up and finished. Jax managed to finally find a way to get his children out of Charming and away from the life of criminality and at the same time saved Nero and Wendy from a life of loneliness while also making sure that they would be provided for life. The scene where Jax said goodbye to his children was the worst scene in the entire episode as having children myself I found the thought of never seeing my children and making sure they grew up to hate me completely incomprehensible, and it clearly hurt everyone involved deeply.
This episode also featured some action as Jax finally took out Marx, Berofski and severed the IRA links by killing an IRA king making sure that any previous ties and issues that appeared under his reign were wiped clean so Chibs could run the club with a fresh start. Chibs also severed the tie with local police enforcement in a brutal sentence that made it clear he now wants nothing to do with officer Jarry as he has more pressing concerns and responsibilities. The club now only has two remaining members from the start of the show, and both Chibs and Tig sit at the top of the table and it couldn’t be more appropriate to have these two loyalists setting the clubs future.
My only gripe with the episode was the overly religious take on the homeless lady with her wine and bread- otherwise this was the way a series should end with a huge emotional pull and everything that has been started finished properly and all loose ends tied up nicely.

NXT REvolution (Live Special)
NXT has been the best WWE programme for a long time and this 2hour live special just contiued to prove that point. The card was promising to be good with the debut of Kevin Owens (Steen), Finn Balor and Itami Vs The Acension, Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks and Zayn Vs Neville and when it came to in ring action and story telling this show far exceeded my hype and excitement. The opening debut of Owens was amazing, and he looks like a great fit for the WWE already with his intensity and level of fan support although CJ Parker once again botched something and this time it did lead to an injury, as Owens nose started to bleed badly. We also got some character development for Owens later in the night that sets-up his well-known and brilliantly intense heel character but ill come back to this. The stand-off and interaction between Bull and Corbin continued and is setting up a potentially violent and brutal match between the two, and this has been so subtle over the weeks that it was nice to see the feud move along to were both men seem to hate each other without truly interacting.
The tag team match featured an amazing entrance from Finn Balor along with a great back and forth series of offensive flurries from both teams that really helped to highlight how good the Ascension and Balor truly are. The Diva’s had a great 20minute match that once again helped highlight that the NXT women are more talented across the board than the main roster, and if you want female wrestling this is the place to go. Sasha Banks had a huge showing and looked great in defeat while Charlotte was able to recapture the glory that was lost with her short Raw match this week with an amazing looking ‘faceplant’ from the top rope.
The main event was a 30 minute masterclass in story telling and build-up both Neville and Zayn delivered everything they could to give us a great match- from near falls to signature moves and over the top/off the top rope action to make sure no-one forgets this match soon. And seeing Zayn win the gold was a very nice moment as nobody is hotter with the NXT wrestling fans than Zayn right now. WWE made a very smart move too in having the locker room appear to celebrate with Zayn as not only does it make the victory seem more important, but it helped hide the fact Owens was going to turn on his long time friend in truly brutal fashion. This show had everything- you need to see

Arrow- S3 Ep9 The Climb
This was the big mid-season finale and it really delivered. I’ve spoken a lot about season finales this week, but this is possibly the most shocking of them all (I wont spoil it here) But this has me hanging on for the early new year return, as the very last 10minutes of this episode couldn’t have been better or ended more shockingly. We finally got to see more of Ra’s Al Ghul, and this time despite the look of him not being quite right they totally nailed his character- he was arrogant, knowledgeable, ruthless and down right impressive in combat just as he should be and watching Arrow go face to face with the Demons Head was exciting but you always felt the outcome was predetermined.
This episode also gave us the reveal as to who killed Sara, and as I had said it was Thea Quenn all along but under the spell of Malcolm Merlin and unaware of her actions. But oh my god the end, is what this episode is all about!

Smackdown- 12/12/14
This weeks Smackdown was actually better than Raw, and that means that this weeks WWE wrestling hasn’t been that good (Except NXT Takeover) however there were some positives to take away from Smackdown. The first of these was a vignette for the AScension which means sooner than later they will making a step up to the main roster and changing the tag team division for the better- this team can go and the roster badly needs more great teams.
We also got a great Seth Rollins promo against Cena to open the show and Rollins seemed to say things that every fan is feeling about Cena- how he always gets the promo before the PPV to say his piece and how he never acknowledges others greatness and how he always talks like he’s the only one who matters- this was  great promo that’s worth checking out.
On the whole however the show lacked something- maybe because the audience were dead quiet and not really engaged, however for the go home show of a PPV this wasnt a great effort.

Constantine- S1 Ep7 Blessed are the Damned
This episode once again gave us a decent amount of story line development- we finally got to see a fallen angel in her mean and whining glory while bending the will of man to meet her own needs. At the same time Constantine’s guardian angel finally got himself involved in the war at the request of Constantine, and Zed gets her own story development as we discover there is a group of dangerous looking people still looking for her- looks like she didn’t get far enough away.
The violence this week was also turned up a little getting to see demons killing men and Constantine killing a few demons, all of this was given a decent amount of blood and allowed Constantine to give us a decent dose of profanity just like he does in the source material. This show is definitely moving in the right direction.

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