WWE TLC (And Stairs) 2014 Predictions


WWE is due to present its regular slug fest of a PPV tonight, albeit without its WWE champion. So here is a run down of the final card for the show and my predictions for each match

Dust Brothers Vs The New Day

This is the pre show match, and as such won’t actually be on the main show. However this is still an interesting match, as New Day seem to on the path to at least mid card stardom while WWE have cooled down the focus on the Dust Brothers despite the completely awesome Stardust character. I expect this match to have some decent moments to it won’t deliver an amazing in ring spectacle. I sense the creative plan is for the New Day to continue their build to obscurity in 12months time so expect them to win here tonight.
Winner: The New Day

Rusev Vs Jack Swagger

Rusev is currently the only force in the WWE not to have lost a match by pinfall or submission and I don’t see this changing here at all. Despite the build for this feud being better than the first time these two met, and Swagger seeming rejuvenated post Survivor series this match only has one outcome as far as I’m concerned. Rusev may have attacked Colter back stage to enrage Swagger, and even may have been on the end of a beat down this week leaving him with a bad ankle, ripe for the patriot lock, but there’s too much money to be made with an eventual lose to Cena/Rock on PPV for Swagger to win here.
Winner: Rusev

Nikki Bella Vs AJ Lee (Divas Championship)

I won’t to get this out-of-the-way now- the whole Bella reunion makes no sense at all from a storyline standpoint but I expect it to play into today’s result non the less.
AJ and Nikki have both had some really personal jabs at each other during this feud so far, which has at least made in I retesting as WWE seems to think less than 20seconds in their match would get us engaged. However as this PPV is only 3weeks removed from the last I think that makes the result obvious, as I don’t see Nikki’s run being that short.
I’m expecting some distraction or physical interaction from Brie towards AJ to help Nikki retain, even if it makes no sense in the slightest.
Winner: Nikki Bella

Miz and Mizdow Vs The Uso’s (WWE Tag Team Championships)

So this entire feud has been based on Mid offering Naomi a meeting with a Hollywood producer which caused her husband to be jealous and lash out at the Miz. Why couldn’t this have been based on the fact the Uso’s wanted their gold back? Why do we need to base this around Naomi and the potentially broken relationship she has with her husband as a result?
I think it’s because it will either lead to a heel turn for Naomi or a real vicious turn from Jimmy towards his brother to cost the Uso’s their shot at the good here.
Winner: Mizdow, Miz and Us (Mizdow is great)

Ryback Vs Kane

This match has had a decent build over the last few months, starting before Survivor Series and continuing through until now- however currently the build has been completely around the remnants of Team Authority trying to ruin team Cena. Kane has been a poor imitation of himself for the last 12months or so, despite Concessions Kane being funny in title, and for that reason I see the WWE keeping the returning and fan loved Ryback’s momentum going and giving him the win here is the only real way to do that.

I see Kanes future path her in the WWE as putting over new and younger talent, as his booking this year has been awful anyhow. Tonight is a great opportunity for him to do just that.

Winner: Ryback

Big Show Vs Eric Rowan

Big Show has once again flipped from being a face to a hell, or vice versa, for no real reason and with no real impact (as Team Authority lost despite this) and since has merely tried to show his acting chops on television by going from mad to crying to shouting almost every time he has a microphone. This isn’t a great move for the Big Show as the constant flipping and poor in ring work has him less relevant than ever.

Eric Rowan has taken it upon himself to not believe the Big Show’s reason for the betrayal, and has merely branded him a “Bully.” However this addition of speaking to Rowan hasn’t been great either, and neither has the wine maker, classic guitar playing and Rubik’s cube solving characteristics. Rowans in ring work still needs to be polished too, and when you add to this the less than mobile or brilliant Big Show this match could be really bad to watch, hence my prediction it will simply be a street fight!

Winner: Not anyone watching, but the Big Show.

Luke Harper Vs Dolph Ziggler(Intercontinental Title)

Dolph Ziggler is the most relevant face in the entire company and his showing at Survivor Series should really have elevated him to the top of the card and placed him in the main event, but as of yet the emphasis has still been kept on Cena. Despite this I Fully expect Ziggler to shine during this match as his athleticism was made for a ladder match with a bigger man, who can throw him around at times and provide some real horrible looking bumps for him.

Harper has been great since he first re-appeared freed of Wyatt and threw Ziggler into the feet of the Authority, and since this moment Harper has been on an unstoppable role and looked great in the ring while doing so. I think Harper has looked great with the gold, but the time is right for Ziggler to take back the strap and elevate its presence by sitting in the main event, when the WWE champion is absent and look like the top man in the company.And a lose in a ladder match, to a small more agile man does no harm to the run of Harper either.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

John Cena Vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is the most over heel in the company, and should have been given the title back when he curb stomped Lesnar, and the last 3months of WWE television would have been very different. However this feud has been a long running one, ever since Rollins turned really and won Money in the Bank, and has had some real back and forth moments.

Cena however has the potential lose of his number1 contenders status on Sunday, and this stipulation alone gives away the result in my eyes as the WWE isn’t moving away from Cena Vs Lesnar3 despite the fact they could easily do so. However Rollins is bound to shine in this match, and is going to cement his place as the regular top heel within the WWE which is why it’s so unfortunate that Cena is coming out on top.

Lets not forget that Orton still has a roll to play- and I’m expecting him back tonight to help put Rollins through a table.

Winner: John Cena

Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt

This feud started slowly and looked a little lack luster, then the WWE seemed to allow both of these guys to have free reign on the microphone and since then each and every encounter between the two has been magic from the verbal exchanges to the ever-growing violence in their physical encounters.

Ambrose is one of the top faces within the company, and has an attitude that is barely very baby-faced most of the time but it matters little with the WWE Universe who love him anyway, while Wyatt is a clear heel who has huge sections of the fan base hanging on his every word and cheering him anytime he enters the arena. For this reason alone this match-up should be a real crowd grabber and keep them engaged for the entirety of the match, and could easily shine as the match of the show.

Both superstars need a win here, however Ambrose can handle a lose to Wyatt much more than Wyatt can- and how can we truly believe Wyatt is a destructive force of reckoning if he keeps losing? For that reason this brawl of epic proportions sees the eater of worlds with his arm raised.

Winner: Bray Wyatt.


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