Agents of SHIELD mis-season breakdown

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Agents of SHIELD season1 had plenty of geeky moments for comic book fans including an appearance from Lady Sif, Graviton being created, the Enchantress and the inclusion of Hydra: but last nights Season2 mid-season finale gave us the biggest and best geek moments of the entire series so far. And im not just talking about the ending, there was a host of information given to us last night that you may have missed- so here it is.

Who is Skye’s father?

This has been a question since we first saw him back at the start of the season, and we havent really been treated to a huge amount of information about him. However over the last few weeks things have slowly started to become clear as we’ve learnt that he is medically trained, has lived in China and clearly has some very uncontrollable anger issues. However the mid-season finale gave us a name- no longer merely the ‘Doctor’ as he had been referred to he called himself Cal. This is a huge key to who he may well be revealed to finally be- Calvin Zabo aka Mr Hyde.



In the comics, Mr Hyde first appeared at a Thor villain in 1963’s Journey Into Mystery #99. Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, he is of course inspired by the Robert Louis Stevenson character – though he’s not supposed to be the same one. Originally, drinking a formula of his own devising allowed him to undergo a Hulk-like transformation into the super-strong (but less intelligent) Mr Hyde. Subsequently he found ways to deliver the formula directly into his bloodstream (such as using a modified wristwatch) and may not need it to transform at all anymore.

All the pieces seem to fit for this to be the eventual reveal- as Mr Hyde has a daughter who works at SHIELD and we know that Skye is definitely now a SHIELD agent.


Who is Skye really?

We have always known since SKye was introduced that her origin was shrouded in mystery and that she wasnt even called Skye at birth, and slowly but surely we’ve been seeing more and more of where she may have come from even finding out in recent weeks that her mother was ‘special’ and had a ‘gift’ that allowed her to never truly age. These were the first real signs that Skye appeared to have a real reason to be listed as an 084within SHIELD. But other than that and the addition of Kree blood, we’d not been given anything around who she may well be until this week.


This week we got a huge reveal on her name, as when Skye sat with her father to discuss her past he called her ‘Daisy’ and hummed the tune ‘Daisy Bell’ to go along with this. This however meant that Skye could still have been a number of charactes from the Marvel universe, however the ending of the show made it clear- she is definitely Daisy Johnson.

In the comics, Daisy Johnson first appeared in 2004’s Secret War #2, created by Brian Bendis and Gabriele Dell’Otto. A rookie SHIELD agent loyal to Nick Fury, she later joined his Secret Warriors group, which consisted of “caterpillar” superheroes – younger super-powered characters who were known only to Fury and therefore trustworthy during a period where Skrulls had infiltrated the superhero community. She acts as Fury’s second in command, and takes the code-name Quake due to her powers. And we definitely got to see those wonderful powers on display at the end of the episode briefly as she blew off the cocoon to revel her new and improved InHuman nature.




The finale gave us everything we needed, and that I predicted (here) in the form of introducing Marvels InHumans. This was brilliantly done as the show finally delivered on what was so special about Syke and Reina being able to hold the obelisk and at the same time what would happen when it was returned to the temple. Not only did we get to see the obelisk returned but this was followed by the release of a mist that brought about radical changes in both parties- due to them housing alien DNA within their systems.

In the comics, the Inhumans were a race of humans who had been experimented on by the Kree when they visited Earth. Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy, and crucially, so was the dead blue alien we first saw last season. At first, Inhumans appear to be normal humans, but when they are exposed to the Terrigen mists (which are released by Terrigen crystals) they undergo a process known as Terrigenesis. This causes them to enter a pupal stage, at which point they emerge with their powers awakened. The transformation can be small (as in the case of Luna Maximoff, who developed the power to manipulate emotions) or radical, as in the case of Gorgon, who was transformed into half-man, half-bull. In the comics, the Terrigen Mist is mostly harmless to humans, sometimes giving them temporary powers but largely leaving them unaffected. Indeed, it was recently spread through the atmosphere of Earth, awakening new Inhumans across the globe. This may be true in the MCU as well. Although Trip was killed while in the chamber with Skye and Raina, it looked like it was because some Terrigen Crystals came into contact with him when they shattered, rather than because of the mists.

Not only did we get to see Skye gain new powers and the drastic physical change that Reina has undergone but post credits we got to see another InHuman who appears to have been living amongst the population unknown for a period of time, and has his own obelisk. This should really be setting up a great second half to the season, full of further InHumans and big change for the Marvel cinematic universe.

Well that’s all the geeky knowledge I have time to share right now- but boy was this mid-season finale great! Keep watching fellow Agents.



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