Suicide Squad Casting Rumours (Harley Quinn and Mr J)


DC announced a host of movies taking them all the way upto 2020 and one of the most exciting prospects is easily the Suicide Squad, mainly because the cast of mis-fits/villains could be amazing and getting to see a full team of villains on the cinema screen really sounds like something we need. However at the time of the announcement we knew nothing- and now casting rumours are running riot

Over the weekend we heard that Jared Leto could very well be playing the Joker within the movie, which would mark the return of the ‘Clown Prince of Crime’ to the DC cinematic universe, but would also mark a real change to the regular Suicide Squad line-up as the Joker isn’t normally within the team. I’m not sold on them adding the Joker to the team, as while i love the character he doesn’t strike me like the kind of man who would easily work with others let alone not eclipse the rest of the team- but Leto as the Joker could be interesting to see.


Alongside this rumour, its been revelaed that Jesse Eisenberg will be expected to reveal his role as Lex Luthor within the film- a role he will first undertake within Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The bigger news however concerns the casting of Harley Quinn- who i cant wait to see on the big screen as she a completely unhinged nut ball that adds some real comedy to the team aswell as being totally ruthless. The current rumours suggest that Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street) could very well be taking the role and appearing with a white face and a love for a lunatic very soon.


Looks like news is coming thick and fast for this movie now- so lets see what pans out.


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