Comic Book Picks 5th November ’14



Wednesday is once more upon the brink, and that can only mean it’s nearly time for a whole new batch of comic books to arrive and here’s what i think you should be reading this week

Amazing Spider-Man #9


Official Synopsis: SPIDER-VERSE BEGINS HERE! Superstar artist OLIVIER COIPEL (THOR, SIEGE, HOUSE OF M) joins DAN SLOTT to bring you the biggest spider-event ever! When a force of evil threatens spider-characters throughout the multiverse, EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER is needed to save the day!

Why Its a Pick: Spider-Verse has been built up to be a huge event, and the ‘Edge of Spider-Verse’ tie ins and mini series has been great which mean i can only expect that level of work to continue as Dan Slott finally takes us straight into Spider-Verse right here in this issue. Just the premise of every Spiderman in history and some new ones, including my new favourite Spider-Gwen is too much to miss by not getting this issue. Add into this whole hype the artwork of Coipel and this entire series is a complete must read for any Spider-fan or any comic book fan for that matter.

Avengers Vs X-Men: Axis #4 (of9)


Official Synopsis: ACT II: INVERSION The fate of the Red Skull decided. A founding Avenger quits. The birth of KLUH, the strongest one there is. Doom tears down Latveria. The X-Men join their greatest foe.

Why Its a Pick: This series has been a really good read so far, and it has huge ramifications for the Marvel universe from this point onwards- so you best get on board now. The story has been heavy on the action but a little light on logic at times- like Scarlet Witch once again trusting Dr Doom to do magic with- but this was all saved with the culmination of Evans power burst into a very strong and powerful looking Apocalypse in the last issue. This should be the issue where everything starts to change and im really looking forward to it.

Hulk #8


Official Synopsis: AN “OMEGA HULK” SHOCKER!!! It’s RED SHE HULK’S turn to be needled by DOC GREEN. Doc Green visits and old friend. Wait — he has friends!? Plus, you didn’t think we forgot about WHO SHOT BANNER??

Why Its a Pick: This series has been a really different path for both Banner and the Hulk since its relaunch, and so far has delivered on the different take with an engrossing story and some really distinctive artwork from the ver impressive Mark Bagley. I’m excited to see how ‘Doc Greens’ mission to rid the world of the Hulk’s turns out and where Marvel goes from there if he truly does get rid of all hulks but the ‘Strongest one there is.’

Book of the week:


Nothing this week has me more excited than Spider-Verse truly beginning. Even in what appears to be a Marvel heavy reading week, this is the most exciting title to hit the shelves.


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