Weekly Recommendation: Disney Infinity 2.0


Its not very often that I highlight a game as my recommendation nor the week- but this one deserves it. I’ve personally not racked up hours of gameplay yet, but the time I have spent playing with my 3year old daughter has brilliant.
The premise behind the game is an all to familiar feel now for big scale children’s games, it requires you to purchase actual character models that you place on a sensor base to get a digital representation of that character within the game. If that sounds expensive, well it can get that way but luckily the character release so far have been stalled and not horrifically priced. And on the plus side for children’s models then look damn cool, especially the large scale Hulk released this week.
However what makes this game is the actual gameplay- I was expecting it to be weak with most of the premise on building your own worlds within the ‘Toybox’ mode however that isn’t the case. The actual mission packs, of which there are 3 accessed through the purchase of the right starter packs, really do contain a bucket full of content to complete. There’s the obvious missions, most of the Avengers ones require you to smash frost giants to pieces with your chosen Avenger while trying to find Loki and bring him to justice for this attack on New York. However while in New York there is loads to do, from side missions that include smashing as much as you can in 2mins as the Hulk, to hitting s number of targets across the city without missing a single one as Hawkeye. Add in the multiple hidden tokens and power ups along with some speed races that require you to use jumps and motorcycles (Hulk on this is hysterical) and there is plenty to keep the kids and adults busy here.


The graphics look great too, with their cartoon heavy rendering but their obvious movie inspiration clear for all too see. The coolness of Groot is pretty good too, not to mention the awe inspiring agility of Spider-Man and the sheer size of the frost giants final big boss. This game looks great in every aspect, even the world building mode is brilliant and keeps the same looks as the game while allowing you to change and design everything you can think of- including inhabitants like the green goblin.
In the short time I’ve played this game- it has been a huge joy not only for my 3year old but also for me due to the fun it provides us both. And if that’s not the point of a Disney game then I don’t know what is.


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