Black Panther in Avengers: Age of Ultron?


Yesterday the internet and myself went totally geek crazy at the release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer, and with very good reason. The trailer itself was amazing and contained enough action, shots of Ultron and questions to keep everyone guessing for months on what the film will give us- but here’s one of the biggest hints; We will see Black Panther in the movie.

Now im purely surmising at this based on the trailer, but there are definitely several big hints in there that im going to look at now. The first of these is shown below:


This is an image of Ultron coating his outer shell in what appears to be a molten metal- and based on the look of him later in the trailer it looks very much like Vibranium. This is a great idea as a villain as we know that vibranium is practically unbreakable, but we also know that it can only be found in one place within the Marvel universe Wakanda. This is the homeland of the T’Challa (Black Panther) and his land is also the keeper of vibranium, so if Ultron has entered his lands to get his metallic claws on the Vibranium you can almost guarantee that T’Challa isn’t going to be happy with this. Add to this the fact that Marvel have already mentioned the existence of vibranium within Wakanda in the movie universe and this is a hell of hint.

The next is possibly the bigger clue- we have known for a while now that Andy Serkis has an undisclosed role within the movie, and the teaser trailer gave us a very good shot at him.


Now you can’t tell me that this doesn’t look very reminiscent of Ullysses Klaw from the comic books. And we all know that Ulysses Klaw is a very well know and renowned villain of the Black Panther who is famous for stealing vibranium for sale on the black market. If Serkis is Klaw then there can be no way that the appearance of Black Panther is far behind as T’Challa would never allow this theft from his homelands without hunting down the individual concerned himself.

This is all speculation right now- but the signs are looking good.


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