Apocalypse Casting Rumours

images (28)X-Men apocalypse isnt dure for release until 2016- however the villain was teased in the post credit scene of ‘Days of Future Past’ so its well know that he is arriving and is exceptionally powerful. However now the rumour mill has begun to swirl around who could possibly be cast as the big villain to face off against the X-Men.

Timages (29)he current front-runner and only name that has been mentioned with the role is none other than Tom Hardy. He obviously has the experience of being a villain, and even has the experience of being a villain within a super hero movie having played Bane in Christopher Nolans ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Hardy has also been rumoured to potentially be in line for a shot at the lead role in ‘Doctor Strange’ so this cold be an interesting choice for the actor should either of these turn into genuine offers.

For now though I would definitely be interested in seeing Hardy play the first ever mutant full of rage and hatred all the while commanding the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and transforming mutants into them to take over the world.




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