X-Men Who Deserve To Be In The Live Action TV Adaptation


With news having broken that FOX are looking to get at least one and maybe two X-Men based shows off the ground and onto television in the live action format (lets forget their previously horrific attempts) i thought it would be only fair to look at mutants we havent seen on the big screen who could really help the show flourish. So let’s get going

Quentin Quire

images (25)Quentin is possibly a little too powerful to be seen on the television screen, and possibly a little too new in terms of legacy to sell the show- however that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be the best part of any possible show. Quentin is one of the worlds most powerful telepaths- possibly the most powerful after Charles Xaviers death, but has a real rebellious and anti-establishment attitude to go along with it. This means he has no problems using his powers to trap Wolverine in a mental prison or taught Magneto ever time he sees him, and given the correct writing this could really work as a great little comedy element to the show. He may need to be given slightly less power to begin with and have the team tell the story of him developing all his abilities but i would love to see him make it onto my screen.



images (26)

Sam Guthrie has long been one of the most loyal and under utilised X-Men that i can think of in the comic books, but all that could change if he was given an opportunity to shine in a television series. His power set is pretty good, with him being able to fly at jet speed and produce an impenetrable force field around himself while doing so and this would easily create some visually stunning moments during action scenes. However Cannonball has always been a really strong leader of the New Mutants and a generally all round good man- and every show needs its leader with a solid heart, so look no further.



Cable is possibly the biggest omission from any of the X-Men movies that have arrived on screens so far- especially given how he could have easily fitted into the Days of Future Past storyline. However the movies loss would easily be the television shows gain should they add him to this, as he is the most tragic of all the X-Men in my opinion as he is the offspring of Cyclops who is sent into the future to survive and live and regular travels back to help out his father and the rest of the team but can never truly join the team. Add to this the fact that he has been infected with a techno organic virus that turns his body slowly to metal, and his recent dilemma of dying daily and having to transfer his consciousness into a new clone to get through the day and you see how he could be the tortured soul of the team that always does the right thing. His mutant ability of telekinesis could also add a good-looking power to the team for when he shows up from the future in bit part of the series. And we may even get to see Hope Summers, which brings me too……

Hope Summers


Hope is highly unlikely to make any television shows- at least in her normal comic book origin story. This is because she’s a recent addition to the world of the X-Men and comes about as the first mutant after Scarlett Witch ended all new mutant appearances. So her back story is convoluted and confusing for a television show, but her powers would be brilliant as she is able to  mimic the powers of anyone or everyone in the nearby environment- which would make for a great addition to the show. Add to this the fact that she’s a head strong and physically imposing woman and she’s a sure-fire hit- then there’s the fact she was raised by Cable and it all ties together nicely.

Boom Boom

1017519-teamBoom Boom is a long standing X-Man with fun powers and a fun loving loving attitude who never ceases to crack jokes and take herself completely seriously. This is the kind of character that every show needs, especially one that’s going to be full of mutants and others hatred towards them- Boom Boom is surely a must on the team.


nx-fantomexEvery Show needs a semi psychotic lunatic that can’t be controlled through the conventional team work methods but at the end of the day will make the hard decisions for the team that lead to the best results- and with Wolverine and Deadpool completely unavailable look no further for this character than Fantomex. He could easily be the covert member of the team that has no issues killing- as we’ve seen in X-Force (even Children)- and his power set make him a great shot, allow him to create illusions and he has three hearts rendering him difficult to kill. Add to this the fact he has control of a sentient air craft and he’s absolutely cool enough to be featured, however there is more to Fantomex as he’s shown that he does have a caring side by trying to right some of the teams wrongs by personally mentoring younger mutants.


Jubilation-Lee-Jubilee-x-men-33517927-895-517Jubilation-Lee has been a long-standing member of the X-Men, and is one of the real oddities in her exclusion (bar a cameo on screen) from any of the movies for this very reason. However her long history and the reasons for her becoming part of the X-Men would make a great back story to be told about the suffering of newly powered mutants in the show not to mention her journey from scared child, to X-Man to mother would be a great story arc to pencil out in television format and could even come before her power set. Jubilee would be a great choice to help lead the team from there base and only see action in the most dire of circumstances, she deserves the opportunity to get good character work and this is the best way for that to happen.



This should require no explanation atall, Psylocke is one of the best X-Men going and could easily be a part of this team and potentially take a leadership role. Her power set is great, she has natural martial arts abilities along with telekinesis and the ability to manipulate this energy into a psychic sword attached to her arm aswell as being proficient with almost any weapon known to man. I can see her and Fantomex on secret missions as i type this and we all know how exciting that would be.



As the younger sister of Colossus its difficult to see how he had screen time, albeit barely yet Illyana was absent. However the movies loss could easily be the television shows gain, as Magik is one of the most complicated of all the X-Men in terms of her power set and her character- however handled correctly she could brilliant to see on television. Her back story is tragic and dark- and even leads her to Limbo where she gains the soul sword which is magical weapon she wields in battle- just the back story to this alone would be great to see. However add to her power set the ability to teleport herself and others and she could easily become a vital means of transportation for the team, even if each teleport means a small journey through the dark dimension realms.



Ok this ones more out of hope than him being the best fit for the show- however I see no reason that if he wasnt tailored a little or brought into the show as the most obvious case of the ‘X’ gene presenting itself to date that he couldn’t work in some way. Doop is a hugely powerful, as he has super strength and is totally unkillable and invulnerable which may cause difficulty in the show but this could be scaled back and he could simply be around to advise the X-men and maybe work with Forge (Id like to see him) to create tech for the team and test this tech out in the lab as test dummy of sorts. Either way id like to see his unique visual look on television.

The list of X-men id like to see could go on and on- but these are my top picks. Let me know what you guys think and who you’d like to see.



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