Marvel Unveils ‘Secret Wars’ for 2015


Marvel is currently in the throes of ‘Time Runs Out’ within the Avengers and on the ‘Edge of Spider-verse’ but after both of these Marvel has already laid out its next big major plans and that is simply ‘Secret Wars.’ The series will be written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Isaac Ribic.

Secret Wars is not a new story within Marvel and has been done before to restart the universe- very similar to the recent DC New 52 relaunch so could this mean that only a few years after the Marvel NOW initiative were getting another relaunch of the Marvel universe? One thing of note is that there are currently no X-Men, Fantastic Four or Peter Parkers Spider-Man shown in the above image and these are all properties that Marvel doesn’t own the film rights too so are we going to see Marvel refocus on brands they own the complete rights too? The recent cancellation of the Fantastic Four may well point to this.

However as that is pure speculation lets look at th original story line for the Secret Wars to see what we may be in store for: “Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars” (or MSHSW, to simplify things a little) followed a group of heroes & villains plucked from Earth and transported to Battleworld, a patchwork planet literally built before their eyes, to fight in their wars under the auspices of The Beyonder. The April 1984 issues of the main Marvel books all had a last page where their hero walked into a strange building that had materialized in the middle of Central Park, and then vanish. The May 1984 issues had that construct returning and the changed hero emerging. So December 1984’s “MSHSW” #8 may have been where Spider-Man got the black symbiote costume, but readers had already seen it in May 1984’s “Amazing Spider-Man” #252.

Lets hope that this is a meaningful story that truly delivers within the Marvel universe.


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