Weekly Recommendation: Mouse Guard


This week im venturing into the independent comic scene for my recommendation, as there are some great titles out there and this weeks is one of the best- Mouse Guard. Mouse Guard is published by Archaia comics and is an Eisner Award winning title and when you read it you’ll fully understand why.

Mouse Guard was first released in 2006 by Writer David Peterson, and at the time I totally ignored the title much to my regret as having read this years later I absolutely love this series of books. The main premise behind the books is so simple: ‘Mouse Guard is set in a world of sentient mice who live in a medieval era, paralleling the same age in human history, though in their world there are no humans. Its stories revolve around a brotherhood of mice known as the “Mouse Guard” who have sworn an oath to serve their fellow civilian mice in times of need, including making safe passage for them through the wilderness and protecting them from predators,’ yet the construction of the characters and the world is truly amazing.

Themouse artwork in this series is possibly my most favourite feature, despite the Eisner awards for storytelling and character creation, it’s the art style that truly makes this book stand out from other titles and loom totally unique on the shelves.

The whole artistic impression of the book- from the square and short appearance of the trade paper backs that really make it stand out on shelves and then there’s the super cute looking mice on the cover wielding swords and shields. However don’t be fooled by this, as soon as you open the book it becomes obvious that this book is going to be more than an odd-shaped cute looking gimic as every panel is beautifully brilliant and simple at the same time with such a great colour pallet and some realistic looking mice with scary and appropriately sized other animals appearing and causing chaos.

Add to this the fact that the titles can be easily read in around 15minutes, and this makes the book a great little diversion from the stresses of life and a great place to get your children started on comic books.

I really can’t recommend this title enough- just go and grab yourself a copy now and enjoy the joys of Mouse Guard now



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