Who has wielded Mjolnir?


Today a new Thor is crowned over at Marvel comics, and this is a massive thing for us comic book readers- but it’s certainly not the first time another has managed to lift and even use Mjolnir. So lets take a look at some of the others deemed worthy to wield the mighty Hammer of the Gods

With Thor no longer being worthy to lift Mjolnir- and the reason for this still being unknown- it looks like we will have a new wielder of the Thunder Gods Power however Mjolnir has temporarily allowed others to hold it before in the heat of battle and this list may contain some odd and unexpected entries.

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Raimages (18)y Bill may be the best known example of another managing to not only lift but also battle with the legendary Mjolnir. Bill was the chosen protector of his race, the Korbinites, and genetically modified to become their protector as they fled their galaxy’s destruction. Bill and Thor initially came into conflict and Thor was knocked unconscious during the fight and reverted to the form of Dr. Donald Blake. And when Bill picked up Blake’s walking stick and struck it against the wall, he suddenly found himself wielding Mjolnir and the power of Thor.

The fact that Bill choose to defend Thor meant that he was more than worthy of not only wielding the hammer but also became its rightful owner- however in an act of true friendship and respect Bill returned the hammer to Thor. This act sealed the duo’s partnership and friendship and also allowed for Bill to get his own enchanted hammer made by Odin that he now wields to great effect whenever the situation demands this.



Captain America

This onimages (19)e should come as no real surprise- however when it occurred in 2011 (for the second time) it was a hugely shocking moment, as not only did Cap lift the hammer which he had done previously- but only to return it to Thor- but this time he was deemed worthy enough to wield the hammer in battle.

During ‘Fear Itself’ Captain America found his shield broken into tiny pieces and nothing at hand other than automatic weapons to try to defeat the forces of the serpent. All was looking lost until Mjolnir was dropped to earth by Thor, as a result of a battle with his uncle and Captain America was able to lift the hammer and lead the charge to victory while harnessing the full power of the Thunder god.

If any other character in the Marvel universe is more worthy of holding and harnessing the power of Mjolnir I cant think of them- after Thor surely Captain America is the most worthy!



Yes the images (20)green goliath has hoisted the hammer, and add the power of a god to the already immense power of the gamma monster and this wasnt a great scenario for anyone involved.

Perhaps the closest Hulk has come to truly lifting Mjolnir was in Avengers Assemble #4. Thor attempted to wallop Thanos with Mjolnir, only for Thanos to mind-control Hulk and force the Jade Giant to catch the hammer. Hulk was able to both deflect Mjolnir and whack Thor in the face with it.

It’s also worth mentioning Hulk’s even more powerful, villainous alter ego, Maestro. Hulk met his future self in the mini-series Hulk: Future Imperfect, encountering a world where Maestro had systematically wiped out every super-powered individual on Earth. Maestro had a trophy room showcasing relics of his many victories, including Mojlnir neatly tucked away in a display case. Unless Maestro somehow managed to punch Thor in just the right way to make the thunder-god drop his hammer into the case, we assume the villain had to have lifted the hammer himself.



Yes you arimages (21)e reading that right- Superman has had the distinct honour oif wielding Mjolnir and in easily one of the best geek covers in comic book history. THe cover in question is JLA/Avengers #4 and is totally epic.

Superman was able to lift Mjolnir as Odin temporarily lifted the enchantment allowing the big blue boy scout to deliver the final blow to the evil Krona’s villainous machine. This wasnt a great moment if all truth is to be told, as Superman doesn’t have the heart of a warrior like all the previous wielder of Mjolnir as he is just natural gifted with everything and works for nothing- but the cover more than makes up for this.

Many others have managed to lift Mjolnir- including Red Hulk, Wonder Woman, Thorg, Bor and Awesome Andy but those above are by far the most important people and times this has happened. Roll on the new rightful owner of Mjolnir today.


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