What You Need to Know About the New Female Thor

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Thor_1_CoverTomorrow sees the official debut of Marvel‘s new female Thor in Thor #1. Announced in July on The View, the change has been met with the expected condemnation, praise, and skepticism. This is just one of numerous changes that have swept the comics industry lately, expanding the diversity of characters we see between pages.

Marvel alone is launching three big changes this week, with the new Thor, a new role for Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson taking over the role of Captain America, all part of Marvel’s Avengers NOW! initiative. While changes have occurred in the past, like death in comics, those changes were only temporary. Thor, and his brother Loki, have both been women in the past, and in Thor’s case, he’s even been a frog. So, you can understand the skepticism by many.

But even temporary, this is a big change. Unlike previous changes, this…

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