Comic Book Picks 1st October ’14


Wednesday is nearly here again so here comes this weeks top picks from the comic book world. These are the essential reads for the week and are the sure-fire titles that you want to be checking out.

Captain America #25


Official Synopsis: Extra-Sized Issue!
Who is the All-New Captain America? The conclusion to the story that began in Dimension Z as Zola strikes in unison with The Red Skull! The final fate of Jet Black?

Why its a Pick: This is a must for any reader of any of the major Marvel Comic books as any change to the ‘First Avenger’ is a big deal never mind the fact that this is going to be the first Black Captain America. I’m excited to see how this goes and how this issue handles the transition.

Thor #1


Oficial Synopsis: The great hammer MJOLNIR lies on the moon, unable to be lifted by anyone in all the heavens! Even THOR! Something dark has befallen the God of Thunder, leaving him weakened and for the first time in forever… UNWORTHY!
But when Frost Giants invade the Earth, the hammer will be lifted and an all-new Thor will arise! A Thor unlike any we’ve ever seen before!
Who is this new GODDESS OF THUNDER? Not even Odin knows! JASON AARON teams with hot up-and-coming artist RUSSELL DAUTERMAN (CYCLOPS) to create a bold new chapter in the storied history of Thor

Why its a Pick: Once again Marvel is creating a huge buzz and a giant change for one of their longest running characters and most beloved franchises- in the same week they change Captain America! This new female Thor is a huge thing for the company and a huge thing for the industry, so get on board now because I feel this is going to be a great ride with some amazing stories and huge ramifications for the marvel universe.

Lobo #1


Official Synopsis: The all-new Lobo brings the ultraviolence to his new ongoing series! If the first few blood-soaked pages of this issue don’t shock you – nothing will!

Why its a Pick: This is a hugely popular character for DC, that they have given a less than well received visual makeover and in a week of changes this could be catastrophic. However given the fact that the character has always been well received and enjoyable, and that this book is written by Cullen Bunn im willing to give it a shot and hope for the best from this title. I’m sure over time this will tell some great stories, but it needs to start strong with its competition.

Book of the Week


Thor storms in and steals it this week- as this is the biggest and boldest change in Marvels long history. I’m really looking forward to seeing how anew wielder of Mjolnir uses the power and who that wielder is!

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