Weekly Recommendation: Hulk and the Agents of SMASH

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The only reason I really saw this show is because it aired before ‘Avengers Assemble’ which I really wanted to see, but the show has quickly become essential viewing in my house as it’s a great team cartoon that showcases the best of Hulk and his desire to be a true hero. However that’s not all the show does well, as it also provides great stories and some great action sequences.

The premise of the show is simple- lets gather together all of the ‘Good’ gamma irradiated heroes in the Marvel universe into one team under the leadership of the Hulk and get them to try to save the world from massively overpowered threats and huge villians- and boy does this work. It may not be the centre piece of Marvels animated television, but it does provide a very different feel and look to a superhero team show, that does deliver some very satisfying moments for fans of the Green Goliath. The Agents of SMASH team consists of Hulk, Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross), She Hulk, Skaar and A-Bomb and tells all of the tales through the eyes of A-Bombs mobile cameras that capture all of the action and even interviews with the team about how the adventure has worked and how its affected them or the team. This can be an odd premise to grasp however after several episodes it becomes less apparent, and as such stands out as less of a weird set-up and looks more like a good gimic.

images (12)The show really shines in its action, it uses classic Hulk villains drawn straight from the comic books, but given a slight twist (Abomination is the best case of this) and places them at the forefront of a single episode posing a challenge to the team that requires them to work together and use more than brute strength to overcome them. Very often the team need to use the smarts of Banner in the guise of Hulk alongside another characters innate ability to save the day, and this is always good to see as with the hulk it’s very often a case of brute force wins the day. The only constant villain is the ‘Leader’ who happens to appear more often than not in an attempt to outwit the Hulks and lead them to their ultimate demise. However watching the hulks work as a team to truly destroy things, and to stop enemies is great as the camera angles used and the following of characters hitting the ground from a below perspective really helps to show the power of the gamma characters and makes every encounter feel massive.

The show also has a light-hearted comedy feel to it at times with the interaction between team members, mainly A-Bomb, and this helps to get you engaged and lighten the mood between battles as do the cameos from other stars such as Spiderman and the Guardians of the Galaxy. This and the storylines are a great link into the Marvel universe as a whole, as we have constantly seen them interacting with events in Avengers Assemble as well as the large marvel universe characters meaning even Thor and Wolverine can pay the team a visit from time to time and have done.

This show is hugely entertaining, and i cant recommend that you watch it enough, so let’s get your inner child released and all shout HULK SMASH


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